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S06.E04: Code Yellow

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1 hour ago, Raja said:

Not a plot hole, just lazy film making. The Jefferson Parrish Medical Examiner on NCIS New Orleans takes more basic precautions on screen than Dr Benson and the SHIELD team has thus far.

Yes. I don’t think lazy. I think ignorant or incompetent or stretched too thin. That was the area no one ever had to worry about—and now they do. Mac isn’t getting oversight either. 

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On 6/15/2019 at 2:27 PM, bethy said:

I didn't think it was a plot hole. I just think the new guy is really not good at his job and someone died because of it. 

I think we are in agreement. 

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My issue with the autopsy wasn't really the lack of precautions, but geezus, how do you first think the knife somehow PUT the bat into the guy?  That is what Benson said right?  That Coulson's gang PUT the bat in the guy with the knife?  Geezus.

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  • 9 months later...

I know I sound like a broken record but I have to ask once again - do these writers absolutely hate happy couples? It's like they watched many shows (in)famous for that (cough, Joss Whedon, cough) and decided "Nah, still not tragic and contrived enough, we can totally do better". What the hell was this plot with the bat? They couldn't have come up with any dumber way of killing Keller and heaping some more misery on Yo-yo? And what was with Mack "I know you two are dating but I won't do anything because I don't "officially" know"? Mack isn't over Yo-yo? The surprising twists just keep on coming. Not.

Also, at least a third episode in a row where there were lengthy fight scenes which could have been totally avoided if the agents used their guns (or in Daisy's case, superpowers). Saying that May doesn't like guns isn't good enough, we have seen her use them, she isn't dumb enough to go empty-handed against an enemy with a knife if she can avoid it. Mack also fought the bad guy hand-to-hand instead of icing him. He even had the bad guy lying on the ground and instead of shooting him he gave his gun to Deke and proceeded to engage in fisticuffs?!?

Why didn't Deke bother mentioning that Coulson was after him because he wasn't "from here"? Or rather he did mention it but to his girlfriend, not to May and Mack because otherwise they would have simply waited for Coulson to come and May wouldn't have been captured. Sure, Deke is a bit of an idiot but that was too stupid even for him. Also, he wasn't informed about the death of Fitz? Not cool Mack, it's totally your call, stop with the excuses.

Making fun of influencers and startup tech companies was indeed funny but the rest of the episode wasn't very good. I didn't know that Maurissa Tancharoen, one of the showrunners, was also an actress, she did well as Sequoia. But even that vacuous character is less one-note than Snow, the crazy woman with the knife.


On rewatch, I have to believe that FitzSimmons would never have autopsied that guy out of quarantine.

I wouldn't be so sure, at the end of season 5 they examined with remains of Daisy's mother without bothering to wear any protective equipment.

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