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S11.E13: It's Not You, It's Miami

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Luann asks if Sonja is taking something that would explain her behavior; the women head to Miami for fun, sun and the revelation that Ramona made out with Harry Dubin; it's all too much for Sonja who lashes out at Luann and Ramona after a few drinks.

Airs May 29, 2019.

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Is Dorinda talking about getting a lawyer?  Dorinda's been pissy drunk on TV; maybe you should sue yourself firsts.

Sonja, either you're on something or you should be.

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Where is this tree they're lighting?  Looks like on a public street to me.

Sonja, stop it before you hurt yourself.

Luann, you can't be the queen bee in front of Bethenny, only she can be the queen bee on this show.

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12 minutes ago, Neurochick said:

Sonja, stop it before you hurt yourself.

Her “leprechaun” dance proclaiming she’s just happy.  Oh lord. 

So funny to me that they all start gossiping about the absent ho/wife and then conveniently  find out said absent lady has been gossiping about them.  Which then becomes the excuse for the original behind the back talking. 

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Just now, BodhiGurl said:

Ramona personifies why I could NEVER work in the service industry (or with the general public in any capacity.) I don't know how some people do it. Why in heck would that poor man give a shat about Ramona's wardrobe, let the poor guy go...

He's trapped!


Ramona does this every year, I don't know why I just started cracking up when she started showing off her fashions and the commentary of how sexy she's going to look wearing them

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Oh no poor Tej. Now Sonja is showing him her underwear. Hope these guys get paid well for having to put up with these crazies.  Sonja is definitely hopped up on goof balls or something. She is exhausting. 

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Sweet cheezus these women. I know it supposedly makes for entertaining tv but they are WAY beyond "lets get lit" age - and I include Tinsley in this judgement. I'm a year older than BF and I gave this stupidity up in my early 30's...  I couldn't be around these women in real life... I'm exhausted just watching them! LMAO

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SO glad to see that Ramoaner & Sonja are doing their double duty again with the master bedroom thing!  Arrrgghh...

And... Dorinda is drinking! The before dinner drink!  BIG!

And Bethenny.... you always show up late.  Lucky you ain't in the pool house!


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18 minutes ago, Thumper said:

Miami place looks beautiful.  Does it come with a chef too?

It's $15,000 a night in season...one would hope a chef is included and I am not sure why they would have a hard time picking a bedroom, there are 10 of them.

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31 minutes ago, Thumper said:

Sonja and her Run Tell Dat to the other women.

Does anyone know where this "more exclusive" tree lighting ceremony is?

No Jill Z., please.

I second your comment about Jill!

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Sonja is beyond fucked up.  Could be the alcohol mixed with some kind of drug.  Sad because she had seemed to be watching her drinking and behavior at some point.  I'd be embarrassed watching myself on TV acting like that.

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