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S09.E15: One Wedding And A Polygraph

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The women travel to Hawaii for Camille’s lavish wedding in paradise; Kyle stands up as a bridesmaid; Lisa Rinna’s health may derail her fun time with Dorit; Lisa Vanderpump resorts to drastic measures to prove her innocence in the dog drama.

Airs 5/21/19 at 9:00 PM Eastern

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5 hours ago, DawnDavenport said:

Don't forget Kyle's failure to hide her desperation and Dorit's continual failure at everything.

And Kyle's Konstant Kovering up with Kaftans! 

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4 minutes ago, renatae said:

Looks like Rinna is just going to sniff the pasta, lol.

3 minutes ago, BodhiGurl said:

had to love that moment Rinna sniffed the pasta, and then took half a forkful... and then was done eating...

It would be in poor taste to start a fight at the dinner table to distract everyone from eating at a wedding thingy.....

Rinna's MO

Also.  Rinna's 2 finger spread in describing her Playboy status was.  Very widely spread.

live long and prosper star trek GIF
Edited by dosodog
Dr. Spock finger scene just happened
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4 minutes ago, BodhiGurl said:

LMAO - Rinna... you may have been in Playboy - but I highly doubt you are the one that "everyone wants to f&C!" I mean. Really.

Yup....I said the same thing!! 

Bet those two issues were not exactly flying off the newstands!!  

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2 minutes ago, JD5166 said:

Camille’s best gift yet, Rinna losing her voice. 

I really dislike Teddi, boring AF, and I don’t want to see her whiny kids anymore. Your business is also stupid. 

Guess the kids are just going to have to suck it up, since the business is so special and she's such a "warrior." 🙄

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Isn't Kyle like 50-51? I think the baby years are behind her... and with Mauricio's luck, she'd have another girl if it were even possible (to have a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy at her age) (and I'm not age shaming, I'm close in age to Kyle - lol)

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29 minutes ago, BodhiGurl said:

asinine and staged. with her new sidekick Sessa, once again gripping on to a tiny dog whilst wearing a tiny arse shirt... oy.

ETA: Totally staged to shade the other women. And what the hell was up with her insinuating Erika "tucks"? And what if she did? I thought Lisa was an advocate for LBTQ... oh wait - it was just "British humour" 😛

Yes, and many on social media are not happy about that comment. Will be interesting to see if she'll feel the need to say something apologetic.  

The lie detector scene was designed IMO to give LVP's fans some cover - it certainly wasn't convincing to anyone who doubted Lisa previously. 

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