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S01.E23 Irish Goodbye

Message added by Whimsy

I know this show is over and we are all sad. But, this is still the thread for this episode ONLY. I created a new thread to talk about your hopes for the Cleary’s future and also where you can discuss the real-life Cleary family. Other discussion, such as how it was for you or your family or whatever in the 70’s goes in “My Generation” thread. I’ve moved some posts to be in the appropriate places. 

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On 5/23/2019 at 8:52 PM, marypat57 said:

MY dvr cut off Timmy's last line, too.  While I got ready to watch the episode of **blackish** that , there was Timmy's last line.  Timmy said "Fly high my wooden friend, fly high."

Thanks for this!  I guess my DVR didn't cut it off.  It just sort of seemed to end abruptly.  Grrrr stupid network execs canceling our show!!  

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Timmy: What's black and white and red all over?

Pat: The skunk that got squished in front of our house.

For a split second I was surprised it was a skunk and not a possum, but then I realized why it had to be a skunk, duh.

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