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Game Over: How YOU Would Have Done Season 8

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Assuming the major character beats would stay the same:

I'd never have Bran lose his humanity if he was to become king. If they worried that making him omniscient would interfere with the rest of the plot, I'd have limited his ability to see things through the weirwood trees only like his book counterpart. The problem with the show is that they did away with so much of the magical aspects of the series that they ended up completely removing Bran's importance as The Last Hero 2.0. in favor of using Bran to confirm Jon's parentage. I'd have highlighted his importance as one of the several saviors of humanity as well as stressed how much he'd sacrificed at age 10 to do the right thing. Bran's one of the most caring, empathetic and selfess characters in the books, and I think there's groundwork for him being a good king. 

I'd have Dany abandon Slaver's Bay in favor of Westeros without the implication that she magically eradicated slavery and stabilized the region by putting Daario and his sellswords in charge of overseeing change (lol). SB as a whole would be doomed with the threat of complete destruction on the horizon in the form of starvation, disease, war, and insurgency, just like in the books. She also wouldn't gain the loyalty of a superstitious people who already hated her for getting the most powerful khal killed because of her getting a witch involved by burning their leaders alive in their most holy temple in their most holy city. She'd conquer them by burning them alive with her dragon.
I'd also have Dany's invasion be a lot more destructive. 50.000 Dothraki and their 50.000+ horses can't be confined on a barren island like Dragonstone for months. They'd have to pillage the countryside to keep themselves alive, especially as winter would deplete Westeros' resources.

Jon would be a darker character following his resurrection and missing a chunk of his humanity without being evil. But I'd want tangible proof of the effect death had on his soul.

The Northerners wouldn't elect Ned Stark's bastard who ditched the Night's Watch over his legitimate daughter who brought the Vale to the North and whose connection to her cousin saved the North from the Boltons. That's just BS. 

No Sansa vs. Arya. 

The Long Night would last a whole season.

Most importantly, since the introduction of fAegon complicated the plot so much, I'd instead have Margaery and Tommen on the throne when Dany invaded, with Cersei being confined to Casterly Rock and secretly plotting. Tommen was a caring and sensitive boy and Margaery a competent and cunning, yet sweet woman. Dany's opposition to them would have brought so much ambiguity to the story because it would rob Dany of her supposed moral high ground. It'd also explain Tyrion's reluctance to harm KL with his nephew there, especially since his niece died because of his decision to send her to Dorne.

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The ending with the jokes was terrible and so bro-like. I feel like it's one of the worst ending ever. Basically everything wrong they did with Dany. Jon's parentage didn't matter and basically he killed his queen, not his love/lover. As cliche as it sounds the boat-sex baby I hoped for. Let Jon die, not Dany. Let the female win for once. I'd be afraid of Cersei and frankly, Cersei almost escaped so.. If Dany killed Tyrion for treason on the spot Bran wouldn't be king and Tyrion would be dead and not a ruler. So Dany as a dictator doesn't work because she spared those she shouldn't have. Tywin would not spare them.

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