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S38: Ponderosa

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OK, I wasn't going to do this but I am. The Ponderosa videos are great.

So there are two varieties, there are the 10 EoE folks in 4-5 group videos and then there are the individual arrival interviews.

They are pretty fun to watch.

Search for The Survivor: Edge of Extinction Cast-Offs Weigh In and Ponderosa Interview.

I have watched the group ones and they are great. It is nice to see how they are all in a good place and are working on recovering together.

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2 hours ago, zscore said:

I want David's puzzle book.

That reminds me. I thought David was going to be a challenge beast when it came to the puzzles. He bombed. He was so bad. I'm hoping to hear his thoughts on his lack of puzzle making skills this season.

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I noticed that Wardog was barely given any airtime in these Ponderosa videos. All we really heard from him was when he told Joe he thought he was arrogant. I wonder if there is a reason why Wardog was barely featured except for the not so positive exchange with Joe. Did he piss off the producers? Was he simply checked out and disinterested? Sore loser? Curious.

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He thought Joe was arrogant?!  This from the guy who was a control freak and refers to himself in 3rd person?  I was going to skip these videos, but now I have to watch.

I noticed Wardog basically got overlooked at the reunion.  He got one mention from Probst, but considering he was a bigger character than some others that got spoken to, along with his bumbling edit, I wonder if he did something to piss off TPTB.

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