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S15. E06. Blood in the Water

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The Bering Sea takes a brutal toll on captains and crew. Wild Bill calls the Cornelia for help. Jake confronts a disorderly crew, forcing his toughest decision yet as captain. Josh mans the helm as Casey makes a risky ship-to-ship transfer in high seas.

Air date 05/14/19

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The Cornelia Marie continues to annoy me.  Why the heck did Casey have to jump in like that?  We saw a crew transfer in a past season (Northwestern and Wizard?) where they ran a line between the boats and the crewman went across with floats and holding the line the whole time.  This was ridiculous and...and...the Cornelia Marie plays for the peanut gallery and potentially puts Casey at risk.  The water was too rough for shenanigans like that.    

Jake's crew was taking advantage of him as I'm sure they've done before.  The penalties before was that they'd have to listen to him whine.  They shouldn't have gone drinking when they're in port for such a short amount of time.  This goes back to his long term weakness as a captain and their being horses' arses.   He had to fire them and he's lucky they were so close to making their quota.  

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Pathetic stunts to try to keep the Cornelia Marie relevant?  We SEE you, Disco.

Jake knew better than to let them off the boat for"dinner", but was well within his rights to fire them all. I am giving the side-eye to him not being able to find replacements; step off the boat and there are usually some hungry deckhands around.

But then, along comes Sean.  To the rescue.

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Keith sucks, he is such an asshole yelling at Monte. Why did he come in at night? It was stupid to do it at night. 

Fucking Jake can't do anything without some kind of help.

That was nice of Casey to help but good lord it was risky.

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We just saw Jake's biggest weakness of FULL display:  The proper respect for him is never forthcoming by crew.  How is it he was offered an equity position?  Oh.  Right.  Disco subsidies.  Sean's narration regarding Jake A.being a great fisherman was a bigger load than a full F/V ever had.

When Sean came aboard, he had no gear.  None.  When he departed, we saw a big knapsack and duffel bag.  Disco, baby!  It was great that the crew got such a huge payout.  Fewer hands = bigger shares.

Clear night and calm seas for Keith to navigate Kodiak.  And he loses his feces.  Riiiiight.  

Case leaps.  Mike Rowe says the calm seas were 12 feet.  Two minutes later, we saw the Brenna A really taking some real hits and rolling significantly, and Sean called it about a 15 foot sea.   Someone was wrong.  😉

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