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S01.E21: Red Rain

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THE EYE OF THE STORM — Galvin (Ser’Darius Blain) discovers that something bizarre is happening with the patients that are being brought into the hospital. Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) gets a clue about how to keep The Source from taking over. Meanwhile, both Macy (Madeleine Mantock) and Galvin do something no one could have predicted. Melonie Diaz, Rupert Evans and Nick Hargrove also star. Anya Adams directed the episode written by Michael Reisz (#121). Original airdate 5/12/2019.

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Yeah, blood rain is never a good sign. 

So while I was never really a Galvin fan, it is sad to see him die, although it looks like Source Macy will handle that pretty easily. I am actually interested in seeing where this goes, even though I am sure that she will get de-sourced pretty soon, it should be fun watching her cheerfully using super magic to solve all their problems like its no thing. Plus she is my favorite characters, and you just know that Dark Macy should be fun, at long as it doesent go on to long.

The Elders really are utterly useless. A child with a slingshot could probably fight off an attack better than they can. 

Just glad that Parker isnt the Source, as this arc is already Cole 2.0, we dont need to be any more obvious about it than we already are. The effects they use for this shadow powers are pretty cool, I will give them that. 

I am starting to suspect that this will be one of those shows where I end up enjoying the one off episodes more than I enjoy the big overarching story. At least, thats how it feels now. 

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I usually watch the show about a week after I realized I missed an episode, so I've rarely replied the day after it aired.  It looks like everyone is hiding from The Source?

They've pretty much decimated most of the supporting and recurring cast, so I guess they'll start over again next year?  The whole Charity-killed-their-mother subplot feels like an irrelevant afterthought now.  It's hard to care about Fiona considering we hardly even knew her.

I would have to say I prefer this show lighter rather than all doom-and-gloom.  The melodrama with Macy/Galvin and Maggie/Parker hit the roof.  Dark Macy felt like a redux after the last episode.  Mel was a tad insensitive expecting Maggie to kill Parker easily.  I doubt she would have done that if it were Nico.  Despite all the chaos, I can't say I'm looking forward to whatever resolution they come up with next week.  No doubt there will be a tiresome cliffhanger as well.

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16 hours ago, Camera One said:

Mel was a tad insensitive expecting Maggie to kill Parker easily. 

This pretty much describes all of Mel's actions ... ever.. to everyone.

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This show has no idea what its doing or what it wants to be and how to pace out its plot points. It's establishing rules for the world in one episode then completely forgetting or outright contradicting them full out in the next where we get a complete different set of rules. its like they forget what they just did... Nothing about the charmed ones or this world  is making any sense. Their powers are expanding beyond to quickly. They can do any magic now without any practice and They have learned and memorized complete spells in languages they never spoke before just cause.  But honestly that doesn’t even really matter cause their power set and how they use them just fluctuate so randomly from episode to episode it’s a joke at this point  

Harry was stripped of his powers that came from the elders  but then got them reestablished and went rogue and the elders just didn't re strip him? Couldn’t the loony dead sister who gave him those powers back (again how cause she wasn’t an elder) have taken them away when he “escaped” her? Speaking of Elders how super easy is it to kill them in this world? A cold could wipe one out. Who made them Elders? Are their powers different then average witches? Where did their powers come from? And why did it seem like white lighters were more powerful? And since there are no more elders does that mean no more whitelighters? Now they are all dead anyway so why should we have invested any time in them at all? 

What was the point of the group of other witches that were wiped out for no reason and never spoken of again? Were they really evil? What made them evil? I mean we got a half a sentence explanation of they are evil cause by An elder who was killing people anyway(don’t get me started on the most vague random motivations she or her “dead” sister had this season and how they went about enacting their master plans) with nothing to back up the evil claim. They weren’t shown to be more or less evil in their actions then the elders themselves. Nothing about them was explained they were just killed off and brushed aside, again what a huge waste of time that was along with Jada just vanishing and being forgotten about like she never was there( shes alive just not bothering with the woman she was supposedly in love with) 

Then we have the stupid "secret"room this episode that all the sudden is there lol how big is this house? LOL at the "hologram" mother giving each daughter a weapon except one (what the fuck was that?) like I always said nothing’s more important then your sisterhood umm Macy didn’t grow up with you so no mom it’s not like you always said. Could they have not at least had the necklace there so it didn’t seem like her mother really didn’t give two shits about her? And the sloppy lazy writing of not only making her a elder but having everyone mysteriously connected to her like what the what?

This season has felt like 5 seasons of plot points were shoved into 21 episodes and characters were added then just completely abandoned or just not brought up again and plots being resolved so quickly nothing had time to settle or sink in before rushing into the next thing. These issues are a legitimate problem, not only from a story point but for the future of the show itself

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