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I can easily see Jocelyn doing alright in school, she can probably coast in classes that are not very hard at a school that has been established is not very good. Oh Tina, the FOMO is very real, especially when your in a teenager. I love that Louise got a pass to go and see how Tina was doing and that Tina's project still ended up going well. And that Tami got a big old karma bugger. 

Interesting that Bobs used to be a donut shop, have they ever said how long Bob has owned the restaurant? I always love learning about the history of places I live or spend a lot of time at, I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that my house used to be a general store about a hundred years ago when I was a kid.

"That's the most work anyone has ever done at this school."

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On 11/28/2021 at 9:08 PM, DoctorAtomic said:

One time, my friend down the street just had some old guy show up and knock on the door who used to rent the house when he was there for college a long time ago. So they let him in and hung out for a while.

Yeah that doesn't really sound safe.

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11 hours ago, DoctorAtomic said:

He was old, old. They weren't worried. 

And I guess if they were guys that would make a difference too.

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