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Jed Rosenzweig

May 2019 Network Upfronts

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It's that time of year again, when the broadcast networks unveil next season's new shows.  

This year's upfronts schedule:

NBCU- May 13 (Morning)

Fox - May 13 (Afternoon)

ABC - May 14 (Afternoon)

CBS - May 15 (Afternoon)

The CW - May 16 (Afternoon)

We'll be covering the goings-on at Primetimer. Let us know which projects you're most excited about!

(Development boards for each of the networks can be viewed here: https://www.primetimer.com/pilots/developmentboard )

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Upfronts Week! Ahhhh!

This Thursday, May 16 you can join us on Twitter @primetimercom and we'll be taking your Upfronts Week questions with Jean-Maxime Renault who has been poring over these pilot scripts for months and crafting fantasy network schedules all this week. It's going to be fun! You can submit questions using #AskJMR on Twitter. 


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