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After learning that Bethenny missed her Halloween performance, Luann takes another dig at Queen B; Dorinda shows off her new apartment to John; Ramona, Dorinda, and Sonja attempt to give a speech at the NY Loves Kids event.

Airs May 8, 2019.

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Good grief, Tins is crying  yet again.

Get yourself together girl!

You have your frozen eggs, buy some sperm and move down the road.

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Oh for Goodness Sakes.  It’s the Dale & Tinsley Show again.  Crying about babies and Scott.  Enough already.  Dale’s face looks plastic.  It doesn’t move.

Luanne singing the same song again.  Boring.

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3 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

John dude she’s just not that into you anymore take the hint cause she’s throwing that out there 

John, Dorinda is trying to dump you, catch a clue dude!

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1 minute ago, bosawks said:

Ouch, these Lu clips makes me think she owes production money. 

Nah, they're just mad because she waited until after one reunion to divorce Tom, then missed the next reunion entirely.

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21 minutes ago, pieinmyeye said:

“I’m no Jlo” is the understatement of the century.

And yet some show of self-awareness from Lu.  It may be the best we’ll get.

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2 minutes ago, TexasGal said:

Sonja and Dorinda both look really pretty at this sad little Ramona charity event.

So nice of Ramona to talk about her birthday event that they are not invited to.  Wench.

Okay, I missed that. She's not inviting the RH crew to her birthday party????!!!!

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2 minutes ago, Thumper said:

Okay, I missed that. She's not inviting the RH crew to her birthday party????!!!!

No RH crew invited to her birthday party as Scalia since she her self told Lucind NO.

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