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S08.E04: The Last of the Starks

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Episode Synopsis:

The survivors plan their next steps; Cersei makes a power move.

Reminder: This is for discussion of the TV show only, no book talk allowed - including saying "but it's different in the books". Any spoiler from outside the books (i.e. previews) should be in spoiler tags.

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Title update!
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Nooo....Jon made his wolf sad.  Bad Jon.

Brienne finally gets some and then the guy leaves, probably to die..

I wonder if Kit Harington ever gets tired of the short jokes?

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4 minutes ago, CeeBeeGee said:

NO, Jon!!!! Oh God word vomit.....WHEN will he keep his mouth shut?!

And then he would have gotten reamed out by Sansa and Arya fans for not being forthright with this family.  

The real mistake is still thinking that he can trust Sansa (because Arya seems to have kept silent).

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I don't even know what to think right now..woah!!

But Kings Landing is going to burn based on the look of Dany's face..

Shocked at Rhaegal's death!!

Could have used a better goodbye scene between Ghost and Jon

Also note that Dany said "what is mine" when talking to Jon..

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The line of people that want to murder Cersei at this point probably could wind its way around the planet several times...and I bet every one of them has a good reason. First in the line is, of course me. 

This lady needs to DIE. 

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Omg. I'm not sure I have the intestinal fortitude to finish out this series.

The beginning of the episode had so many wonderful moments that I knew something horrible was going to happen.

But the good moments:

1) Jaime and Brienne finally consummate their relationship in a post-Armageddon keg party! Woohoo!

2) Gendry asked Arya to be his lady and she gently turned him down.

3) We see Sansa and Hound talking.

4) Tyrion and Jaime having a post-sex debrief was too cute. So like what close brothers in real life would actually do.

5) Yay Ghost is still there!

6) And Gilly's knocked up! I'm sure the baby will be adorable and cherubic.

7) "Vomiting is not celebrating." Tormund: "Yes it is." Drunk Tormund looking for a booty call might have been the funniest thing I've seen on GoT since drunk Tormund told everyone about suckling giant milk.


1) Oh Jon. Now everyone knows the secret. I understand why he told his family, but still ...

2) On the other hand, oh Dany. She doesn't get it that once someone knows something like what Jon knows, it "doesn't matter" what he wants. You cannot put the genie back in the bottle. You cannot expect someone to just keep having aunt-nephew sex and keep that sort of thing a secret.

3) I know this Sansa v. Dany thing is eating the internet alive, but considering how piss poor the plan to take King's Landing was, Sansa's right. Jon probably is better. Dany's plan was awful from start to finish.

4) Jon not saying goodbye to Ghost? Unforgivable.

5) Tyrion and Varys NO ... Don't be traitors. But you know in their mind, they've already turned against Dany.

6) Jaime riding off on his kamikaze mission to kill Cersei and leaving behind Brienne broke my heart.

7) Missandei 😞 So horrible that Greyworm and Dany had to see her die.

😎 Rhaegal 😞 Down to one dragon.

9) And dammit, Cersei is awful, but as we've seen this episode, being humane means awful things happen to you. 

10) I just can't think about next episode. I feel like Tyrion, Jaime, Dany and/or Jon are goners.

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3 minutes ago, CeeBeeGee said:

Totally agree. I detested Varys's reasoning and I dislike what they're forcing Dany into, just to amp up the tension. I love Sansa but she acted spectacularly stupidly in this episode--it doesn't make sense, it's just there to create unearned conflict.

100%. The double Ds totally forced this, and it sucks big time. I'm so intensely disappointed right now I have a huge pit in my stomach. They just blew it. Completely. 😞

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Euron must know the kid isn't his

I think Jaime is going back to kill Cersei and die himself, not to side with her. 

Yeah send Ghost up North, at least he will live.

2 Dragons down..they should have waited and planned better

yeah and totally feel cheated from the reaction to Jon's parentage.

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Poor Brienne, but I'm glad both she and Jaime got to be with someone who loved them. I think he's off on an atonement suicide mission. He doesn't feel he deserves better. 

Torumund seemed to get over Brienne fast after he got some serving girl booty.

Dany has shown hints of Mad Queen and tyrant but this descent seems a bit rushed at this point. 

At least Varys was up front with her, but we know he's gonna die soon.

I'm torn on Sansa. Did she say something out of genuine concern that Dany is not fit (whether that's true or not) or out of spite because she dislikes her? 

Still no clue what the hell Brann's doing. 

And at least we truly know Bronn is a sellsword still, through and through. The Lannister brothers only lived because he's betting on Dany he has no affection toward either of them. 

Poor Missandei. But we had to know either her or Grey Worm was going to get it after making retirement plans. 

Guess they were busy making anti dragon ballistics in KL while the North was preparing to fight the undead. 

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11 minutes ago, BitterApple said:

And can I say, Goddamn you, Jaime, for hurting our sweet Brienne. 

When Missandei said "Dracarys" before she was executed, was that her pledging her final loyalty to Dany, or telling Dany to burn the city to the ground?

She was telling Daenarys to burn that shit to the ground. Sigh. Poor Grey Worm.  

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6 minutes ago, seawind said:

I am so profoundly disappointed in the show, I can't even process what I'm feeling right now. Everything that happened the second after Dany flew the dragons DIRECTLY OVER KING'S LANDING IN BROAD DAYLIGHT WHEN THEY KNOW THAT CERSEI HAS WEAPONS THAT FUCKING KILL DRAGONS and everything that happened AFTER THEY SAILED RIGHT UP TO KING'S LANDING IN BROAD DAYLIGHT was a complete waste. There is absolutely NO WAY IN HELL, NOT IN ANY UNIVERSE, that that would have been something that Dany or Tyrion or any of them would have done. This was just the show forcing things in order to kill another dragon and then Missandei, two more things Dany loves, so that we could get the "mad queen Dany." I can't even be said about Rhaegal and Missandei, because THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE DIED BECAUSE THE WAY THEY CAME UPON THE CAPITAL WAS ASININE.

Show, you did something far, far worse than anything you may have done in The Long Night. You broke my heart. 😞

Small FYI the ambush happened off dragonstone not at Kings landing 

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