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Captain Joseph Hannah: Jay O. Sanders Goes From Criminal To Cop!

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I've made no secret of my Deakins love and Ross hate, but for as brief as he was on the show - just the one (as Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio was in S9) - I think Hannah was a good blend of the two styles that Deakins and Ross had.


He was mindful of the workings and the politics, as Ross was, but I also got the sense that, if push came to shove, he'd back his squad, as Deakins did. One example with both was confronting Bobby about trying to avoid his therapy sessions. Yes, he told Bobby how it was mandatory, blah blah, but I got the sense that he was trying to give him a shove since he worked hard to get Bobby back (which is still WTF given how S9 left things, but okay, I'll go with it) and didn't want Bobby to throw the second chance away.


Plus, he did seem to not mind sharing a quip or joke with Goren/Eames when the mood struck.


Had the show gone on, I think he would have made a pretty good impression. As it was, he had little time.

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