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Wife Swap (the non-celebrity version), which used to air on ABC, makes a return on the Paramount Network.

I just find out a few days ago that the show returned and that this network existed. It premiered April 4th.

More info here: https://www.paramountnetwork.com/shows/wife-swap

Episode 1: I did not expect that ending. 


The parents of the perfectionist family split up and start new relationships. 😮 I know it happens, but it surprised me. I hope the kids are okay.

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I wasn't shocked. I thought they'd eventually divorce some day. I got the vibe that her way was the only way in terms of parenting. 

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Yay! Thanks for adding Wife Swap to the forum! I love the reboot and glad to have a community to share thoughts and reactions to each episode. ❤️❤️❤️

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