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The Silence (2019)

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We've just watched this. It was okay, but it ended faster than I thought it would,


after the cult showed up, and then the girl turning into Katniss Everdeen at the end,

it was just kind of sudden. I preferred A Quiet Place, but this showed it all beginning.

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I've tried watching this but couldn't make it past the first twenty minutes. This has been done before, and better, and they don't really explain why the lead character being deaf makes her particularly suited to survive in a world where you can't make noise. Does the writer think that if you can't hear sounds then you can't make them either...?

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Oh, I thought this was terrible.  Netflix is 0 for 2 with me after this and Bird Box.  They hire talent and have interesting premises and both movies were bad IMO.  How does that happen LOL?  I mean, I laughed at the tongueless people and "we want your fertile daughter".  Then Dad won't shoot them because of the noise, but you know, just shoot them and hide in the house?

It was a dumb movie, and I am VERY forgiving, as I love movies with monsters.

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I might look up the book. I want to know how she got from where she was, to using a bow and arrow somewhere else, apparently fine.

Dad asked me, "Why did we watch that?" LOL. 

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