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S01.E18 Peggy Drives Away

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57 minutes ago, rhys said:

In the 60's broken tater chips was put on top of tuna noodle casserole for Friday night dinner. Maybe there was some weird recipe that came out in 1972 using shredded wheat.

My grandmother used to use shredded wheat in place of breadcrumbs in her meatloaf. 

Knowing that she has stretched sloppy joes with canned tuna (full body shudder) I am confident she works it in many dishes. 

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I love Lawrence.  When Frank said something like “when have you ever known mom to criticize” the look Lawrence gave was just perfect.  It conveyed disdain and disbelief in one slight expression change.

It also made me laugh when Mike called Wendi “Helen Reddy.”  Although I hate that they once again had Wendi give the Big Speech because it still just does not ring true.

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I really enjoyed this ep except I thought the prostitute thing was kind of weird. But the biggest disappointment was Lawrence's hair. I was so excited when he was going to get it cut but it still looks like crap. I guess they're doing it deliberately but I just find it distracting. 

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On 4/10/2019 at 1:14 AM, SmithW6079 said:

It was hot the way Mike strutted into the bar like the jock he probably had been.)

I’ve found him hot since the last century. Specifically when he was Brenda’s prom date on 90210. What was that, like ‘90 or ‘91?  Christ, I’m old. 

On 4/11/2019 at 2:07 PM, OnceAgain said:

Who takes care of baby Andy? William and Eddie are the only kids that really interact with him. Interesting contrast. 

I always assume he’s napping in the bedroom crib w/the blanket hanging on the side so we can’t see him. 

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