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Rebecca's choice

Who should Rebecca choose?   POLL CLOSED

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  1. 1. In the series finale, Rebecca is supposed to make a choice. What should it be?

    • None of them. Focus on her own well-being.
    • Josh Chan
    • Greg Serrano
    • Nathaniel Plimpton III
    • All 3 of them.
    • Josh and Greg only
    • Josh and Nathaniel only
    • Nathaniel and Greg only
    • Other

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  • Poll closed on 04/06/2019 at 12:00 AM

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I like Josh the best, but think Nathaniel would be the best match for Rebecca out of these three. I think they actually get each other, have similar issues, have compatible lifestyles, and can enjoy doing things together. However, Rebecca still has a long way to go to have her mental health issues well-managed. She won't even quit stalking her therapist!

So I agree; Weird Al. She'd probably get a lot of free balloon rides while it lasted! Maybe if they were together he'd even land the balloon on request so she could use the bathroom!

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