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Sisters is an Australian television drama series, created by Jonathan Gavin and Imogen Banks, and produced by Imogen Banks and Nicole O'Donahue, that screened locally on Network Ten in October 2017 and launched as a Netflix Original Series on September 1 2018.

Sisters follows the story of Julia Bechly whose life is turned upside down when her father, in vitro fertilisation pioneer Julius Bechly, makes a death-bed confession that during his award-winning career as a fertility specialist he used his own sperm and admits he could potentially be the father of hundreds of children. Julia decides to make the most of the situation and throws a family gathering where she finds out she has hundreds of brothers, but learns she only has two sisters, troubled children’s television star, Roxy Karibas and belligerent lawyer, Edie Flanagan.


Above description is from Wikipedia.  I couldn't find an existing thread - mods, please merge if there is one.

Anyone watching this?  I heard a suggestion on the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast.  Seven episodes, a nice weekend binge.  Some stuff in the final episode that could set up an interesting second season, if there is one.

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I gave this a shot about two months ago but couldn't make it past the first episode. Julia is such a trainwreck of a person I just couldn't take it. It's an interesting premise - and, horrifically, not an unheard of one - but I just couldn't stand the lead (or the other ones, really).

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