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Sailing Away: Below Deck Sailing Yacht Anticipation

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8 hours ago, biakbiak said:

They showed a trailer at BravoCon. I believe the title is Below Deck Sailing Vessel. Adam is the chef. 

They are calling it both names, more recently with Yacht in the title.  So we'll leave it as is until we find out for sure the show title and a premiere date.

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2 hours ago, 65mickey said:

Wasn't there a show a couple of years ago with a group of friends who chartered a sailboat? Of course there was the predictable fighting and sniping. This seems sort of a similar concept.

Unanchored...it was also a Bravo show and trash in a way even Bravo wouldn't renew.  Mostly, it was kinda boring cuz I couldn't figure out why I was supposed to care about those entitled brats.  It's like Siesta Key minus the personality but 20x the costumes.

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Too soon to say for sure but episode 1 was a GREAT change from the other two shows.

Captain Glenn seems to be super nice and a great manager.   I love that he went to dinner with his crew and jumps in to help where necessary.   Adam said Captain Sandy micromanages and that he likes working for Captain Glenn.

Chief Stew Jenna also seems to be a good manager.  She's a hard worker and isn't mean-spirited with her crew.

I really like Chef Adam.  I'm glad to see him flirting with a more mature person.  The other girl he had a crush on was too young - and just not emotionally developed yet.

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