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So, it seems they didn't convert the Loud House board into a thread, so here's one.

Who else watches this? It is not only of the best current shows on Nickelodeon, but one of the best shows of Nickelodeon of all-time, in my opinion.

For those who do watch it, have you caught up with the recent episodes?

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My five year old only child son is OBSESSED with this show and will watch it endlessly.  I have to say, it's really well written and lots of fun "Easter eggs" to find.  Like one episode where the oldest sister had a golf tournament and the names of her competitors were the names of the Golden Girls. Or the sad tinkly "Charlie Brown" piano music that plays when Lincoln is feeling down.  Or that Lisa, the Braniac sister is a young Velma from Scooby doo.

Its fun and funny with just a little bit of gross out humor that kids love so much.

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