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S30.E17: E My Sports

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As Bart begins to excel in video game competitions, Homer discovers a passion for coaching; Lisa attempts to bring Homer back to reality, but the plan causes chaos.

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Oh no, Bart turned into a neckbeard. It makes sense that Bart et all would compete in a League of Legends spoof. At least it was better than when they covered Warcraft. I appreciated that Sophie of all characters was brought in, but Natasha Lyonne voiced her instead (I guess Drew Barrymore was too busy?)

I did like how the pro gamer quit gaming the moment he lost a single game, and that he just turned 19 (and how that's pretty old for a streamer). Lisa had to ruin everything by teaching Homer zen, didn't she? Although the riot was pretty fun.

"3 Zen Minimum" was a great sign, but seems like Homer got a pass for being mistaken for Buddha (again).

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South Korea came up on “The Simpson’s go to.....” wheel.

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I liked it when the bus in Seoul drove past the 'Simpsons Animation Studio and Casino'

I thought the video game was more of a mashup of 'Clash of Clans" and "Fortnite'.

The Dreams in Lisa's book:
-- Get Homer to Recycle
-- Be one inch taller than Bart

The hotel they stayed at in Seoul -- Courtyard by DMZ.

Stores seen on the streets of Seoul:
-- Chuck Kim Cheese
-- Seoul Cycle
-- BTS Army
-- Seoul Train! Station
-- Chick Korea Fried Chicken
-- Chan Ho Park Park (named after the baseball player)
-- signs for N. Korea, S. Korea, and W. Korea.

Why was Homer videocalling with Barney ? 

Marge's Mandala had the Simpson family (Bart was holding a slingshot) plus Santa's Little Helper, Snowball, a Happy Little elf, and a teddy bear.
Homer's mandala had Homer's head (with the eyes closed), a TV, a mug of beer, a TV remote, and a donut.

I liked when Homer turned off the power that the video game on the large screen went from Conflict of Enemies, to an 8-bit version of Conflict of Enemies, to PacMan to Pong.
And then during the riot the background music was the theme song from MASH (Suicide is Painless).  Or the fact that the Grief Counselor was a robot.

Bart: "This is General Splatton. Copy."
Milhouse: "Copy."
Nelson/Sophie: "Copy"
Sophie: "Jinx. You owe me a coke."
Nelson: "Uh, I'll never be able to pay that bet."

Milhouse's avatar in the video game was basically an anthropomorphic Puppy Goo Goo with Milhouse's glasses.

Skinner: "Now apparently the Evergreen Terrors have won, uh, this thing I don't understand at all but which gave the school new basketball nets."

Bart: "Okay team. Take a break and meet up for practice in 30."
Sophie: "My dad said we could all go to Krustyburger."
Milhouse: "Is he giving us a discount ?"
Sophie: "No, he just said we could go."
Krusty: "It'll be nice to have some kids in there again, after what the monkey did during that birthday party. Mmmm."

Martin: "I didn't cry at my grandpa's funeral -- mostly because he was racist."

Homer: "Kids, you need to practice 10000 hours to get great."
Milhouse: "Are you sure ?"
Homer: "That's how long Malcolm Gladwell needed to think it up."

The name of the Canadian video game team was the Calgary Lames, a play on the Calgary Flames hockey team. 

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I liked Homer's distraction of marge was the coffee maker and they showed her drinking it again in the later scene.

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Lisa introduced the sand artwork ritual to a Western audience by demonstration on a compliant Marge first 

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