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Chris and Amy

Message added by Scarlett45

Several posts have been removed referring to Amy's new address. A reminder that linking to participants/casts/actors etc home addresses is against Primetimer rules

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Disagreement and lively discussion are encouraged here, but you are required to be mindful to respect the opinions of your other posters. 

Disagreeing with another poster is fine, attacking a poster (or multiple posters) for their opinion is not. Your post should remain primarily about the show, not other posters reactions to the show. 

This is not an “Pro-Amy/Matt” or “Anti-Amy/Matt” forum and no one is required to defend themselves for having an opinion either way. 

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2 hours ago, ginger90 said:

Maybe she could get someone else to take the pictures so they're not that close-up and distort the face. I'd be too self-conscious for such close-ups. 

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7 minutes ago, AZChristian said:

Yes!  A week?  Did she not notice how poorly he was feeling?  

I think from what Amy said Felix spent an extended time at the vet, and it took time to get the test results.

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11 hours ago, Jeanne222 said:

Anybody happen to know how many books have been sold?

Don't have an answer to that specific question, but I went to Amazon to read reviews.

Many used the word "repetitive" to describe the book - even those who claim to be Amy's fans.

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@Libby, I came here to say the same thing...take that Karen. 

Also, on a less petty note 😉, I think finding a home together with Chris will make it easier move on from the farm. She now has a partner by her side, in a more permanent way, to find their ‘forever home’ and it can’t help but buoy her emotionally. 

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2 hours ago, Libby said:

I just read on People that Amy and Chris got engaged. I'm so happy for her. I hope it chaps Caryn's butt that Amy is getting married before her. I hope that she's green with envy.

I can see Matt marrying Caryn ONLY if she signs a big pre-nup.

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1 hour ago, seasons said:

That's the ring?!?

Holy crap, Chris. Looks like a promise ring from a teen romance.

But I am happy for Amy.

I thought the same thing, but figured I was being overly critical.  Glad I'm not the only one!

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I thought the same thing about the ring.  But maybe Amy likes simple, understated  jewellery?  Some women do.  Especially someone like Amy who is always busy working with her hands doing something.  Congratulations to her!

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