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S30.E15: 101 Mitigations

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After Homer steals Comic Book Guy's Car, he must either prove his innocence in court or reconcile with the jilted nerd.

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Chalkboard: Chili Fries Do Not Go In Like A Lamb And Out Like A Lion

Couch gag: Fountain drinks! Lisa is lemonade, while Homer is Duff, Maggie is Baby Buzz, Bart was Buzz Cola, Marge was Diet Buzz

I wish I hadn't spoiled myself that CBG was the owner of that amazing car. I'm holding it against him that he kept his 9.9 Radioactive Man #1 in that car. It might be worth a bit more than $100, but that was a stupid place to keep it. I really wonder just how much Homer paid for the Ogdenville copy. Bart sure whispered in Homer's ear for a long time.

5 bucks got Milhouse an entire pallet of Little Lulu comics. He got a hell of a deal.

I gave you the USS Enterprise and you returned with The Orville!" Burn.

I really liked Guillermo Del Toro's video for Mr. Burns. It was like Burns' film festival movie, but it was actually successful. This is what happens when you actually get Spielberg's non-union Mexican equivalent. Also, we finally got around to a (brief) Shape of Water spoof. They really couldn't wait for Treehouse of Horror, could they? Also appreciated the shout out to Godzooky (the nephew Hanna-Barbera gave Godzilla, who is a different character from Minya, his canonical son).

"And I wasted high school learning German." Same here, Homer.

So many great signs in this episode, Comic Con at the end alone had lots of great ones. Personal favorite was "STAN LEE WAS HELD CAPTIVE IN THIS CLOSET" in Android's Dungeon.

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57 minutes ago, Galileo908 said:

I gave you the USS Enterprise and you returned with The Orville!" Burn.

I love the Orville, but now I know it's good if got into the Simpsons. 

Although I have to call BS on CBG leaving such a valuable comic in the car. I forgot about the wife though. 

This was kind of flat though. I was hoping we'd learn more about CBG, but it just ended. 

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I thought the premise was really kind of weak -- CBG got his car back, albeit in non-mint condition.  Homer offered to fix the car and replace the comic book.
And I agree with @ganesh, there's no way CBG leaves that Radiaoactive Man comic in his car.  Was it right next to Action Comics # 1 in the glove compartment ?
Let alone valet park a car with something that valuable inside.  Plus, it's not like CBG doesn't know who Homer is.

The license plate coughed up by the fish monster in Marge's head balloon -- had the episode production number (YABF07) on it.

Loved the video of Homer "returning" the leafblower to Flanders -- since it was run in reverse.

Boardgames in the back room of the Android's Dungeon:
-- Needless Operation
-- Emissaries to Byzantium
-- Duopoly
-- Scribble
-- Don't Lose the Piece

I liked the Marvel poster in the Android's Dungeon -- Avengers Infinity Cast - No Hawkeye.
That poster was seen again at Comic-Con.

Comics seen in the front area of the Android's Dungeon
-- Little Lolo
-- Tonton in Paris
-- Chupacabra
-- Radioactive Man vs. the Kansas City Royals
-- Zebra Girl
-- Dr. Shapiro vs. Plaque-Ula

There were a couple of callbacks to previous CBG-centered episodes:
-- the display of Xena Warrior Princess
-- the poster for Everyman - The Origin of ... (Everyman is the comic book character created by CBG)
-- the Fallout Boy comic stuck on the wall

Other things seen in Android's Dungeon backroom
-- a sign stating that "Stan Lee was held captive in this closet"
-- figurines of a Purple Hulk and The Thing
-- a 'The Grudge is Still inside Me' starring Ray Milland movie poster (a Roger Corman movie)
-- a World's Best Comics cover (with Radioactive Man vs. Everyman) 
-- an Itchy and Scratchy figurine
-- CBG was accessing eBuy web site
-- poster of Tiny Hercules
-- a figurine of a woman in a fur bikini chained to a boulder
-- Radioactive Man vs. Muhammad Ali comic book
-- a poster of 'The Happy Little Elves Movie', starring Hank Azaria
-- figurines of the 3 main characters from the Netlfix series 'Disenchantment'
-- 3 coffee mugs with discount versions of C3PO, Yoda and Jar-Jar Binks
-- a Poochie T-shirt with the phrase 'Always Recycle to the Extreme' printed on it
-- Itchy and Scratchy trading cards wrapper
-- figurine of Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy

Homer: "Look, I know we've had our differences but we can still be friends. Like when Superman teamed up with Lex Luthor."
CBG: "That was an imaginary story written by Harlan Ellison because he wanted to get fired."

Signs at Comic-Con:
-- Can't B2 Careful -- Protective Sleeves for your Comic Book Protective Sleeves
-- Klingon Treasures -- Add Some Wow to your Blood Vow !
-- Mom's Basement Living Magazine
-- Pride-Keepers Vaults -- for hiding your action figures if a girl comes over
-- Overweight ?   Become Lord of the Gastric Ring. No Food Shall Pass!
-- Star Trek Uniforms (Science Officer Blue Out of Stock)
-- Dice Throwers' Wrist -- Free Doctor on Call

CBG was dressed at Comic-Con as Thanos, but he only had 5 gems on his gauntlet, since the gauntlet only has 3 fingers and a thumb.

In Gullermo Del Toro's home, there was a framed picture of the Hypnotoad from 'Futurama' on the wall.

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I noticed the Disenchanment figures right away. 

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@Galileo908 -- you may want to fix the Chalkboard item in your episode summary.
It should be "Chili fries do not go in like a lamb and out like a lion."

And don't forget for the couch gag that Marge was 'Diet Buzz'.

And the billboard had an ad for Moe's Tavern.
Moe's Tavern -- Where Valentine's Day Never Happened

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56 minutes ago, ottoDbusdriver said:

And the billboard had an ad for Moe's Tavern.
Moe's Tavern -- Where Valentine's Day Never Happened

Yeah, I missed the billboard this time.

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I guess they've decided that Homer (and presumably Marge) are well into their 40s at this point. Welcome Back Kotter aired 1975 to 1979 and they seemed to be in their teens working on Krusty's movie in the late 1980s. It isn't a huge issue but it is kind of strange to think they were already past thirty when they had Bart, assuming he is still meant to be ten years old.

I'm a D&D fan so I loved the 'Dice Throwers' Wrist' sign - a very Knights of the Dinner Table style joke.

That was a fun episode. I'm usually meh on celeb guests but the Mr. Burns film was a definite highlight.

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