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[Enquiry, ANSWERED] Where is the list of Shows by Alpha? Which include "Other 'X' Shows" and "'X' Vault"?

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The old forums home page listed all shows alphabetically.  I liked it.  It included the Vaults and Other shows, for an alphabet  letter.

The closest I found is

...but it doesn't show "Other 'letter' shows" or Vaults.

Note if on ptv homepage at https://forums.previously.tv/
and search for vault or other, nothing shows up


Sorry for a 2nd question, but on the ptv homepage, which lists shows by categories, I unchecked "Everything Else" and can't put a checkmark back

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The way the default homepage displays shows changed after the recent update when we switched to a 'By genre' listing. The customised homepage displays alphabetically as does the TV Index (which you linked to).

All Vaulted forums are listed alphabetically in The Vault, which now lives in the 'Other TV Talk' area.

If I'm understanding you correctly; it sounds like the checkmarks you're referring to re Everything Else are what mark a section as read.

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