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Comics, Characters, Stories You Can't Stand, But Everyone Else Loves?

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Warren Ellis is another of the good British writers who has creative things to say about the superhero genre and crafts stories well. IMO it's really just Millar and Ennis who come off as teenagers out to shock everyone with violence, gore, and rape. Morrison is... incoherent a lot of the time, and faceplanted HARD in his handling of Wonder Woman during Final Crisis, but he does have interesting ideas and isn't writing to the lowest common denominator.


Also, while not as weird but still gross from my point of view because of the thinking behind it: Marv Wolfman writing himself in to Teen Titans as Terry Long, so he could marry the teenage Donna Troy. Terry being an older man who was Donna's professor in college. Yeesh.

I was reading Teen Titans at the time, and Donna was neither written nor drawn as a teenager. At a guess I'd say she was in her early 20s at that point, I believe Terry and she first met when she was attending college. And the wedding issue was extremely sweet. (Of course, back then the internet hadn't yet decided that Terry was a Marv Wolfman authorial insert or sexual predator.)


That particular part of the Judas Contract was supposed to be disturbing, so I'm not sure it's quite the same thing.

Yeah, Slade Wilson was a contract killer and all of his relationships were screwed up bigtime. Not the character I'd look to as a role model for healthy romances.

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On 2/2/2015 at 3:42 AM, Danny Franks said:

Cap knew exactly what Bucky was doing, and didn't turn a blind eye to it. It was Bucky's job as a highly trained soldier to do that stuff. Brubaker retconned their whole story, to give it a more realistic, modern slant, and to remove the idea that Captain America lugged a kid sidekick around the European Theatre of War with him as some sort of mascot.

So, wait…Brubaker (presumably at Quesada's urging) changes something major about Cap's history which was in place from Day 1 and informed the modern-era Cap's character for about 40 years, and that's a good thing? Yes, it's awesome in the movies, but there's a difference between pulling a swerve in Cap's 3rd MCU appearance and unwriting 60 years of precedent because you're worried your superhero comic is "unrealistic".

Btw, Bucky's appearance doesn't change between his 1940 debut and his 1945 "death", so apparently he's already been through puberty.  (He's shorter and slimmer than Steve, but Steve used to be pretty slim, himself.) So the Army had a 15-year-old in a support role?  I'm assuming that "camp mascot" isn't just something Simon and Kirby made up, but that there were actual young teens doing things around the camp to make life easier and keep up the troops' morale.  (Shame on those of you whose dirty minds are now in overdrive…although that probably happened, too.)

So Bucky spends the war going from, say, age 14 to age 19?  Wow, totally unrealistic!  (The Nazis were putting 15-year-olds on the front lines by the end.  And of course, in modern times, the good old US of A sponsors Uganda's President Museveni, who shot his way to power with the aid of the child soldiers he now claims only the rebels use.  I worked alongside a former child soldier in the 2000s; the last person you would think could even kill a bug, much less go to war.) Is Sidekick Bucky a beloved character of mine? Nah.  But Cap's guilt over his "death" doesn't work nearly so well if Bucky is just another Howling Commando (old friend or not), rather than Cap feeling responsible for a younger kid he thought he was looking out for. And I do care about Cap.

To unwrite all that in the name of "realism" feels lame to me.  But JMO.

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