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[FIXED] Content Missing from PM Threads


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The site’s been in and out this morning, so this may be a temporary thing, but all of the content in my PM threads is suddenly missing (11:25 a.m. on 2/24). It shows page numbers, but when I click on a page, the content is blank.

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This morning (Sun 2/24) I have been experiencing intermittent "500 Error - too many connections" messages. 

Also the PM messages I've received and sent with another poster this morning disappear, even though the PM topic is still there.  

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Is it me?

I'm not able to read my PM's 

I click on the menu in the upper-right corner (mobile), then on the envelope. That takes me to my Inbox, and a listing of past and current conversations.

But I can't display the individual messages in those conversations. 

I can only compose a new message in an ongoing conversation, but not read the previous messages in that conversation.

I've tried clicking on everything clickable...opening every menu I see (options/sort/etc) and nothing. 

What in the world am I doing wrong?


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Just saw post about this very issue...DUH
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