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S16.E12: Kentucky Farewell

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37 minutes ago, Lamb18 said:

she was the only one to really take her garden seriously and work at it.

Nobody told me there was math (gardening) on this test! So next season will they all get a raw egg to take care of over the season?

Imagine if they gave them a garden in the Colorado season?  - "but Padma, no one gave you a plot to plant, only the chefs."

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On 2/21/2019 at 10:55 PM, Bucket said:

I am baffled they chose China.  That is very far outside anyone’s wheel house.  

Well, considering this show is now sponsored by Hidden Valley Ranch and Kentucky Fried Chicken, I'd say it's par for the course.

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It must be that arrangements, logistics, and permissions determine when they go to somewhere like China, regardless of the chefs they have or the theme of the season.

When will they go to India so that Padma can find her high end, Michelin Star quality chef?

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It began with Marcel V's hair, and Padma, and Sam's man bun, and Padma, and the tatts, and Padma, and the shorts, all the way to Graham and his glasses, and this season's hipster-hair coifs, and Padma, and Art Smith's weight, , and Padma.

The comments about the appearance of chefs have been directed at both males & females on the show. We all know there is a scrutiny of women for their appearance (millions of years & counting) but the critiques of looks on the show are balanced and don't skew to women only. It seems people expect folks on TV to be "presentable".

I assume all the comments about "sweaty Taliban beards" are directed at male chefs, since, heh: it's Top Chef not Top Circus. I'm not offended but YMMV.

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3 minutes ago, FinnishViewer said:

I remember vaguely that they've had the finale in an Asian city before.

They did Singapore for the DC finale where Kevin Sbraga won over sick Angelo and Ed.

Again they aren’t going to mainland China. Traveling and filming in Macau is like HK much less red tape and no need for Visas.

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On ‎2‎/‎23‎/‎2019 at 10:10 PM, HappyDancex2 said:

 I’d prefer to not see the dearth of soy sauce, sesame seed oil, five spice, black vinegar etc based dishes that are interpretive in their wheelhouses.  

Dearth?  Means lack of when I last looked.

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I'm tired of Adriene calling all of the other women "mama."  For most of the season I noticed it with Sara (especially when Sara asked her to use her name when she was upset about waffle gate).  And then I noticed it in this episode in reference to something else.  I wonder how the other chefs feel about the term.  They're probably not old and cranky like me...

I agree with others that the auction lacked urgency.  It was a good idea, but the execution was lacking.

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6 minutes ago, seacliffsal said:

'm tired of Adriene calling all of the other women "mama." 

Yeah, i've never been called "mama." I've been called "mom" by my actual kids. It seems inappropriate to me. (and yeah, I'm probably old and cranky too)

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10 hours ago, Brookside said:

Padma's gorgeous so I'm wondering why she feels the need to wear a negligee.

10 hours ago, biakbiak said:

Because she likes it.

My husband definitely appreciated it. 

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I'm tired of Adriene calling all of the other women "mama." 

You mean, she's been calling other women "Mama"?  I thought that was specific to Sara. Weird. I would definitely not want her to call me that. It's beyond presumptuous.

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Adriemme said it to Kelsey who didn’t appear to mind. It’s not a nickname I would want but the two woman she said it to didn’t have an issue and we saw that she instantly respected Sarah’s wishes when she asked her not to call her that during their argument that so it most likely didn’t bother them. Fun fact both Sarah and Adrienne got pregnant shortly after filming ended so will both be mothers.

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On 2/23/2019 at 10:44 AM, kicksave said:

Wouldn't surprise me...I have friends that live near his Volt restaurant in Maryland and said the food was not very good and way too expensive. It did well right after his season on TC but from what my friends said it was the kind of place you tried once and didn't return to.

A dear friend visited Bryan Voltaggio's restaurant about 3 years back, waited almost a year for chef's table, and said it was the best meal of her entire life. Bryan also was visible and came out and talked to her and the other diners and was kind and gracious.

On 2/25/2019 at 2:59 PM, Rahul said:

Well, considering this show is now sponsored by Hidden Valley Ranch and Kentucky Fried Chicken, I'd say it's par for the course.

I don't get the pearl-clutching on this. It's hardly new. Top Chef has always included occasional and hilariously lowbrow food sponsors, all the way back to the beginning -- it's simply part of the game. Of course they included KFC here -- it's a Kentucky season. It's not like it should be some huge shock. They've previously had zillions of lowbrow sponsors and challenges going all the way back to season 2 -- Kraft, Pepsi, Red Robin, Campbell's Soup, Tostitos, Nestle, Glad, dozens more over the years.

Also, speaking from total bias, my first job in high school was with KFC, and while it was hell on earth like all fast food jobs, I will admit that it included a surprising amount of serious, real cookery. It wasn't just flipping burgers—we were making biscuits from scratch, mixing and simmering gravies and side dishes, butchering, breading and frying chicken in a variety of ways, etc. I learned skills I ended up using lifelong, especially when it came to biscuit-making and gravy-making. I would argue that of all the fast-food restaurants, it is the one that will actually teach you how to cook.

Also, while there I learned the deadly secret to Original Recipe's deliciousness -- it's fried in a ginormous pressure-cooker. So it's basically fried chicken with the oil super-injected! Sigh. Which is why OR is even less healthy than extra-crispy. 

But even though I haven't had it in over a decade, I'd totally fall face-first into a bucket right this minute (if my health permitted, hee).

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