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This just showed up on netflix in America and I watched all 6 episodes in one sitting. It's a slow burn. My Lord, it's great, if you love British spy dramas set in the 40's you will love this series. You will be screaming many times, it's pretty violent, but WOW, it's well done. 

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Discovered this last night -- and didn't go to sleep until I'd binged all six episodes. Today is a tough day at work, but totally worth it! 

Do we know if there's a second series/season in the works? PLEASE OH PLEASE! 

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I stumbled across this last night and watched the whole thing in two days. Feef drove me nuts. I know her SOE training ended because the war did, but I'm a little surprised she didn't wash out earlier. Being a spy is dirty work. What did she expect? 

Though in the final episode it seemed she grew up a little bit.

I loved the throwaway line about Kim Philby in MI-6. What a clusterfuck that turned out to be, to put it mildly.

A little jarring that the black communist Jackson went to see was named Richard Gregory. The activist/comedian Dick Gregory would have been around 16, so it's not supposed to be the same person, but I wonder why the name wasn't flagged.

The CC cracked me up. Instead of "Miss Symonds," as the era dictated, it always used "Ms."


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