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S07.E07: Brandon's Story LIVE CHAT

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Brandon, a musician, has a runaway weight problem. Besides losing weight, he wants a career and to take the next step with his girlfriend, Taylor, Whom he risks losing if he cant make the change.

Original air date 2019.02.13

This is the LIVE CHAT episode thread.  It will open during the US East Coast showing. 

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How y'all doing? I would fit right into this show tonight, I am eating a plate of microwaved chips and cheese on a paper plate for supper while posting here. My excuse is we had another snow day here and I haven't been shopping. Dr. Now would get me for this!

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Evenin' everyone!

Tonight my eating habit has been half a Valentine's Day brownie that I got at the cafeteria at work today which looked better than it was (hence the half...I decided the other half wasn't worth the calories). My boss gave us vouchers for lunch so I went for an extra dessert to take home. Then some raisin bran, which isn't great but it's better than a somewhat-disappointing brownie. Stopped at the store and came home with lots of salad fixings that I don't feel like putting together tonight.

Let's see if I can keep up with chat tonight...this is the guy who appears to be having a panic attack in the commercials. I can certainly relate to that, so if I'm right I'm already starting with a little extra sympathy for the guy. Let's see if he keeps it.

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Hi Pounders! How are y'all doing tonight? Dr Now wouldn't approve of our eating habit tonight. Mac and cheese and tuna sandwiches. My sons favorite things. It's been below zero for over a week. That's my excuse. I hope this is a trainwreck. 

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Hello my fellow snarkers! 

My eating habit tonight is Chinese black bean pork and a stir fry of bok choy, snow peas, scallions, ginger and garlic. Here it is:


Fuzzy photo but it's so good and I made it myself! Show me your eating habit tonight!

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1 minute ago, FormeryHeavyJ said:

Is that a lymphedema or a hippity hop between his legs

The new "laugh" option under the like button came just in time...

1 minute ago, Gigglepuff said:

Hi, how y'all doing? 

Long time lurker, first time poster in this live chat. 


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