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[RESOLVED] Notification Popups In Dark Themes


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Likewise in the Dark theme, there appears to be some sort of notification text error when marking a forum read using the Mark Read button inside the forum and not the big yellow check outside the forum.

After the confirmation pop-up (A nice addition btw.  The red border is a great touch, since that pop-up matches itself to the theme.  And no errors with it that I can see.) and selecting OK, there are two notifications: one at the top of the screen and one at the bottom.  The one at the bottom indicates the page is reloading and that one is perfectly visible in the time it is there, since it uses the opposite theme (light for Dark theme, dark for Light).

The notification at the top of the screen shows up a little later and stays for a little longer.  Looking at it in the Light theme, it says "Forum marked as read" in white text in a black bar.  On the Dark theme, only a black bar is visible, as seen here.markreadbug.thumb.jpg.a59336e8a0a5fdf5310cbe88024f73d9.jpg Attempting to highlight any text in the bar does reveal the same message, but it is presumably in black text for some reason.

ETA: When posting this post for the first time, there was another black bar notification on the screen.  It probably said something about the post needing mod approval or something similar.  But like the one I first mentioned in this post, it is black text on a black background in the Dark theme.

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Additional information after first posting.
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