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S08.E12: Whale Hunt

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lol-I’m guessing no one watched last week’s episode? I hated that they went there with Katrina and Brian. It would have been refreshing to see male/female coworkers who are just coworkers without being romantically interested, especially since one is married with a baby. The unrequited romance between them is so cliche and boring.

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I watched it, did not like the Katrina and Brian stuff, happy the series is ending next season.

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Last season, I actually applauded how they handled the Katrina & Brian situation.  They each recognized their feelings for the other, and though I believe it was completely unspoken, they "agreed" that they simply could not act upon their feelings.  He's married, she's his superior, they have to work together, etc.  So they pulled back into a great working relationship.

Then they had to go fuck it up.  And by "they" I mean the writers, although obviously it also means the characters, too.

In other news, Harvey is an asshole.

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