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Freeform Comedy ‘Besties’ To Star Jordin Sparks, Matt Shively And Brooks Brantly


Freeform’s forthcoming new series Besties (w/t) revealed today that American Idol alum and Sparkle star Jordin Sparks will star in the highly anticipated comedy alongside Matt Shively (The Real O’Neals) and newcomer Brooks Brantly.

The new series features Sparks as Becca, an ambitious overachiever from a hard-working, conservative African-American family, who learns that her birth mother is actually white. Shively is set to play Matt, a former athlete and current bar manager, who can’t completely let go of his glory days. Rounding out the cast is Brantly, who play Becca’s brother Todd, a mama’s boy who still lives in their parent’s basement.

Set in Los Angeles, the series will follow Becca and her newly discovered half-sister Jesi, as they’re thrown into each other’s lives by an online genetics test and have to figure out how to go from strangers to sisters.

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Freeform Comedy ‘Besties’ Casts Gigi Zumbado, Jessika Van & Davi Santos


Zumbado will play Jesi, a free-spirited 23-year-old Cuban American, raised by two adoring gay dads, who is more than thrilled to find out she has a half-sister (Zumbado). Van will portray Luna, Becca’s (Sparks) roommate and a brilliant med student who is No. 1 in her class but has no intention of being a doctor. Santos will play Simon, the assistant to a high-powered agent, who is constantly at odds with Jesi.

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