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S10.E14: Sheryl Underwood

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I loved this, but I love Jeff, so that helped.  Plus no Helping Hands.  Loved the Drake and Johnny Cash duet about being fair skinned at the beach.

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That was a really good ep. I, too, love Jeff. He and Ryan are hilarious together. I could have watched just the two of them doing that French bit in Hollywood Director for a long time. 


Hollywood Director was one of the best ones in recent memory. I also liked Props. It seemed old-school somehow. I cracked up when Colin was doing riding-a-tbar but not getting a reaction from the audience, so he practically yells, "I'm going skiing!" 


I could have done without Living Scenery. That was one of the worst ones they've done. Cheryl Underwood, whom I've never heard of, didn't know how to do it. But also, Wayne did the baby-birthing thing way too soon.


Loved Scenes From a Hat. So funny when Ryan said he was going to make the exact same Matthew McConaghy joke. No wonder he and Jeff are so good together -- They're on the same wavelength.


I enjoyed Greatest Hits, too. I think I've heard Drake sing, but does he really sound like that? It seemed like Wayne was trying to make him sound bad. Is he a bad singer? Then the German Metal song Kelp was fantastic, mainly because of Jeff. Loved him just staring blankly at the beginning, and then "Kelp! Kelp! Kelp!" So great when the song ended and he was all happy and chirpy.


The reading-the-credits bit was funny. Did Colin grab Wayne's hands thru his legs? I couldn't tell, but I loved how Wayne couldn't stop laughing.


Really good show.

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I enjoyed Greatest Hits, too. I think I've heard Drake sing, but does he really sound like that? It seemed like Wayne was trying to make him sound bad. Is he a bad singer? 

I'm not a Drake fan either, but it sounded reasonably accurate to me.  Drake uses a lot of short, quick rhymes.  So the fact that Wayne wasn't doing long verses seemed legit.  Add in that Laura Hall and Linda Taylor were clearly doing the country backing for Johnny Cash and yeah it wasn't that catchy.  But it was a good job.

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KELP! Tonight, at 7:30 Central! KELP!


added later: I could watch this episode on a loop! It was a classically great episode of Whose Line, imo. While I am usually not impressed with Props, it didn't take away from my enjoyment of the show. (It was an okay Props.)


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The introductions were: Wayne--Full of vitamins, Jeff--Rich in nutrients, Colin-- High in fiber, and Ryan--May cause vomiting.

Games: Hollywood Director, Props, Living Scenery, Scenes From A Hat, and Greatest Hits.


After seeing so many episodes in a binge, I think I actually like this episode's Props more than I originally did. It wasn't blow-your-mind amazeballs, but it was fun and there were good gags. (I kept waiting for Colin or Wayne to do a That Girl gag.)


The French workmen and Quasimodo Hollywood Director was fun; the America's Funniest Home Video take was pretty spot-on.


"...Baggers can't be juicers." Indeed, Colin, indeed. *g*


The highlight of this episode will always be this particular Greatest Hits, imo.  The Kanye/ Neil Diamond duet was magic, but the Drake/Cash number was fun too. Then the insta-classic "Kelp"! Maybe  this needs to be considered for The Cannon?

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