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JJ's love-match with Izzy becomes a cage match with Kenneth. Maya and Jimmy dismiss Valentine's Day as a holiday for suckers until they find a way to profit from it. Unable to find a date to a prepaid romantic night out, Ray brings Dylan.

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According to the numbers on the official press-releases, this episode (#312) technically came between "Our Mageddon" (3x12, #311) and "Fashion 4 All" (3x13, #313); and all three were probably intended to take place before "Roll Model" (3x10, #314). Had they aired in what I assume would've been the proper order, I think Dylan's relationship with Ray in recent weeks would've followed a more clear progression:

1) Dylan cites Ray's antics as a large part of why she's so frustrated about having to share a room with her brothers, and she also feels obligated to have a more easygoing relationship with their mother (even if it means being far less open about her wants, needs, disagreements, etc.);

2) Dylan realizes how far Ray's willing to go to defend her despite how hard she makes it for him ("Sometimes I think you got the wrong sister, but I got the right brother");

3) Dylan realizes her struggles in school, as well as her resentment towards Ray, are rooted in how Ray had long ago found his niche as "the smart one" in the family so she had to resign herself to an entirely different role, but after seeing him drunk and hearing him praise her clever scheming / pranks, she feels better about not limiting herself if Ray can stray from his role once in a while;

4) Dylan becomes the voice of reason when Ray is at his worst, and they both reach a series of breakthroughs about their family dynamic (she always thought her feelings and problems didn't matter because she's the youngest; he, being the overlooked and under-loved middle child, tends to go for attention-seeking romantic schemes; etc.).

As it worked out, though, I think the sweetest was saved for last. :) (And considering next week's episode is supposed to be about JJ having Izzy come over to meet his parents, I guess it's just as well that this week's touched on how she hasn't really had a chance to meet them or Dylan yet...)

The Kenneth/JJ/Izzy plot was so sweet, too -- Kenneth was so used to having his thing with JJ, it hadn't occurred to him how weird it might come across to an outside party, especially one in a dating situation, while JJ was aware but was simply too nervous about being alone with a girl (especially one who seems to like him as much as he likes her -- new territory for him), and Izzy was so nervous herself (claiming this was her first real date).

As for Jimya, I swear, they're officially my favorite TV couple. ❤️ I did find it odd that the usually thrifty Jimmy would turn out to be such a free-spender when it comes to showing Maya how much she means to him -- though I suppose early on in their marriage (especially after they had JJ) he may have been somewhat reluctantly dragged into her more cynical attitude towards Valentine's Day (which she sees as "for suckers" and he once called a "bogus Hallmark holiday"), and his promotion at the beginning of s.2 likely also came with a pay raise (hence, his throwaway line about having hired Boyz II Men to sing for Maya last year... which we didn't get to see because of the shortened season); plus in the s.1 V-Day ep, we saw how he was willing to go above and beyond for her, even apparently without much money (the paper hearts with reasons he loves her written on them, the bottle of wine with a little card quoting a Yeats poem, and of course the video he put together). In any event, as Jimmy rationalizes, "Money comes and money goes, but what we have is forever." Aww...

Choice cues: BJ Thomas, "Hooked on a Feeling" (1968) (when Kenneth is helping JJ get ready for his date); the Emotions, "Best of My Love" (1977) (when Jimmy and Maya are selling roses). 

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An ode to semicolons. Romantic and educational. About one holiday a year, Jimmy's co-workers step in to show how much they love and appreciate him. Dylan continues to be Maya, Jr. -- c'mon, give JJ a break, and some space. LOL, JJ refused previously to tell Ray how much he loved and appreciated him when Ray was sober enough to remember it, and Dylan refuses to let Ray tell her he loves her.

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I loved the JJ and Izzy stuff, but it's getting a little wearing hearing Dylan tell Ray that she's sorry for treating him badly, when she's done it over and over. 

It seemed like there was a "Love, Actually" musical cue when the helicopter was taking off with Jimmy and Maya. 

eta: GRChereck, your information was helpful and might explain some of the Dylan-Ray relationship progression. 

But I'm sorry: Blue Swede has and always will have the best version of "Hooked on a Feeling"!! Ooga-chaka! 🙂 

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As someone who’s love language is giving and receiving gifts (for me, mostly homemade or very specifically selected, not so much value), who has a thrifty spouse who sees holidays as a waste of money and hates shopping-but feels he’s failing if he gets something off my wish list, I felt for Jimmy so much. 

And I love JJ and his difficulties in figuring out dating. Disability complicates so much in ways most people don’t realize. I love that this show is showing that-and that it isn’t an insurmountable obstacle. 

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