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Super Bowl LIII: The Live Chat Topic

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4 minutes ago, kathyk24 said:

I think that's where the two week break was helpful. Both defensive coaches used their time wisely

Too bad the Rams offense couldn’t do the same. I’m sure Gurley’s injury was huge since he was a non factor and the Rams relied on Goff, but Anderson could have done something. Goff played how I thought he would have played against the Saints- scared and second guessing himself. I agree with whomever said that he wasn’t the same ever since Cupp got injured.

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For sure. Two weeks off is why the Eagles won last year. 

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You know a Super Bowl is boring when you regret not spending the evening cleaning out your car.

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4 hours ago, Lantern7 said:

Only two places where this outcome will be celebrated: New Orleans and all of New England.

What has been considered the worst SB? I think the unofficial mark is Colts/Cowboys in SB V.

 Three places - St Louis,

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