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A thread for discussing the Adult Swim show Tigtone. Or better yet, TIGTONE! Also the web series and anything else relating to the show.


The TV episodes so far:

  • Tigtone and the Pilot
  • Tigtone and His Fellowship Of
  • Tigtone and the Beautiful War
  • Tigtone and the Wine Crisis
  • Tigtone and Those Elemental Kings
  • Tigtone and the Wizard Hunt
  • Tigtone and the Freaks of Love


ETA: Incidentally, Tigtone is right in "Freaks of Love": Escort quests really are the worst kind of quest. See this TVTropes page for details.

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Tigtone leaves an impression. The problem is there seems to be a glut of bizarre programs on Adult Swim these days, so much for them to churn out two episodes at a time. "Okay, it is a medieval-like setting similar to Apollo Gauntlet . . .but we use motion-capture to make everybody look hideous!" Familiar voices help . . . like John Watters as the Fertile Centaur, knocking up animals wherever he went.

Here's the bit on the mo-cap I posted on the Adult Swim thread:

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The season finishes off with a bang as Tigtone combats an evil singing sword, then nearly gets his butt kicked by Nothing.

Looks like the KingQueen's queen is the one wearing the pantaloons on that body. King is a wimp.

Can't help wondering what deep emotional revelation Tigtone made to Helpy. Maybe it was something like "When I was a child, my parents wouldn't let me go on quests!" And given how Tig-Child behaved, I wouldn't blame them.

Owl-chemist and his Chemis-tree are wonderfully bad puns.

The sword's Giant Weapon Body had a realistically proportioned war-hammer as its left upper arm. I'm pretty sure that's a violation of the video game rule which states that all war-hammers must be freaking huge sledgehammer-looking monstrosities.

The advice wizard becoming a child was an lol moment. "Wemembew Tigtone, you have some twansfowmation potion weft!"

Wait, did Tigtone just beat a god to death with his fists? Damn...

Some of those monsters at the end of "vs. Nothing" reminded me of Terry Gilliam cartoons.

Quite possibly the defining lines for the entire series:

Helpy: "Which quest do you want to do first?"

Tigtone: "ALL OF THEM!!!"

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"The sword that can cut nothing" bit was inspired as well.

This was a webseries first? I'd like to learn more. And I'm open to a crossover with Apollo Gauntlet. I don't think Tigtone (or Helpy) can freestyle rap.

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On 2/12/2019 at 8:36 PM, Lantern7 said:

This was a webseries first? I'd like to learn more. 

It started as a crowdfunded short called The Begun of Tigtone, and then there was a series of really short Tigtone's Journal mini-episodes.

On 2/12/2019 at 8:36 PM, Lantern7 said:

And I'm open to a crossover with Apollo Gauntlet. I don't think Tigtone (or Helpy) can freestyle rap. 

That would be worth seeing. The guy who does quests against Nothing meets the guy who fights evil even when it's not there.

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Heads up: new episode ("Tigtone and Tigtone's Island") is airing now. April Fool's thing from Adult Swim. Hopefully, it won't be just me and @Sandman87 watching.

ETA: Helpy is being abused, as per usual. Poor little bastard.

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Looks like the show is establishing continuity. Tigtone unleashing all hell in the season finale more or less destroyed Propecia. Prince Lavendar (I got nowhere doing searches for "purple" and "violet") finds out his real father was the wizard that got killed last season, becomes half-wizard, kills King, then teams with a ruthless entity Tigtone released into the world. Queen goes mad, and having King's head attached to her body doesn't seem to help. After Tigtone sates his quest kink, he and Helpy go on a quest for soup. Yes, it is epic.

The other story involves a city of riches where everyone is forced to scream, lest they get killed by an invisible monster. Tigtone's workaround: have a blind hermit rip off his (Tigtone) ears and attach them to his eye sockets.

I've been seeing a lot of hate stemming from Adult Swim canceling The Venture Bros*, and Tigtone is cited under "How is THIS still on the air?!?" The weird thing is that I find it charming with the bizarre animation, over-the-top antics, and all of the violence.

*There are also people hung up about Metalocalypse not getting a fifth season. They might have a point, but why continue to forever die on that hill?

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