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Season 2 Live Feed Summary

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Immune from eviction: Kato and Natalie (due to not being selected to participate in HoH comp).

First PoV:

  • Players: Ryan (HoH), Anthony, Jonathan and Tom (noms), Ricky and Joey.
  • Ricky wins PoV, does not use.

Anthony leaves game, purportedly as a game 'twist'.

Ryan selects Kandi as a replacement nom.

Second PoV:

  • Players: Ryan (HoH), Jonathan, Kandi and Tom (noms), Kato and TBA.
  • Kato wins second PoV.
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1 hour ago, green said:

He wasn't officially revealed to be a mole.

All posts subject to verification and revision at a later date, of course, but at present the ‘mole’ statement has been corroborated by at least 2 external sources (Joker’s, HamsterWatch).  If it proves to be incorrect, then I will retract and revise.

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Votes to evict:

  • Joey: received no votes.
  • Jonathan: Kato, Tamar, Ricky, Tom, Lolo, Natalie.
  • Kandi: Dina.

Jonathan evicted by a vote of 6-1-0.

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PoV players: Kato (HoH), Dina and Tamar (noms), Joey, Natalie, Tom.

Tom wins PoV, uses PoV on Dina; Kato selects Ryan as replacement nom.

Final Block noms: Ryan, Tamar.

Votes to evict:

  • Ryan: Tom, Lolo, Dina, Kandi, Ricky, Natalie.
  • Tamar: Joey.

Ryan evicted by a 6-1 vote.

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Tamar won Power of the Publicist: one-time ability to block oneself from being nom’ed at any single Nomination or Veto Ceremony in the next two weeks.

(Note: this occurred prior to initial Block noms, but was not revealed until broadcast show)

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Tom uses PoV on Ricky, selects Lolo as replacement nom.

Final Block noms: Lolo, Natalie.

Double eviction night.

Eviction #1 - votes to evict:

  • Lolo: received no votes.
  • Natalie: Kandi, Tamar, Ricky, Dina.

Natalie evicted by a vote of 4-0.

Safety Competition:  Tamar wins immunity from nomination/eviction in the next HoH reign, but cannot compete for HoH.

Lolo wins HoH.

Initial Block noms: Kandi, Tom.

Opening of America’s Favorite Houseguest voting announced.

Veto players: Lolo (HoH), Kandi and Tom (noms), Dina, Ricky, and Tamar.

Tamar wins PoV.

Tamar does not use PoV, noms remain unchanged.

Final Block noms: Kandi, Tom.

Eviction #2 - votes to evict:

  • Kandi: received no votes.
  • Tom: Dina, Ricky, Tamar.

Tom evicted by a vote of 3-0.

Ricky wins HoH.

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Final vote, for season winner:

  • Ricky: received no votes.
  • Tamar: Jonathan, Ryan, Joey, Kato, Natalie, Tom, Kandi, Dina, Lolo.

Tamar wins CBB2 by a unanimous vote of 9-0.

Tom wins America’s Favorite Celebrity Houseguest.

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