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Worst Cooks In America

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On 9/13/2023 at 10:24 PM, HyeChaps said:

And what was up with that stupid twist that made them change the entree at the last minute?


Well, if Anne really did dream up that dish with the giant shrimp on top of succotash on the spur of the moment, it was a huge misstep.  Why would anyone serve a shrimp that large, intact with head and shell, in a deep bowl where there is no place to discard the shell shards and that big googly-eye whiskery head?  What were they supposed to do--lay that stuff on the table?

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I thought the last couple of finalists were all pretty decent cooks who had either come a long way or had some secret cooking skills that they hid in earlier episodes.  I actually liked the blonde on the blue team (whose name has already escaped me) and her partner (Allegra), but think Jessica was definitely the last one standing on the blue team.  Sami had been crushing the competition for the last couple of weeks (how did Etherio make it that far - eye candy?).  

I wish Jeff wouldn't mug for the camera so much and that both judges would actually be shown doing more to teach the contestants to cook.  There must be a lot more they aren't showing - these contestants seemingly are learning knife skills out of the air...LOL!

TLC and Food Network are all owned by the same parent company (Discovery Channel).  Didn't even occur to me to question Randy's presence.

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