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3 hours ago, Terrafamilia said:

Konohamaru's friend Udon has mastered snot release. Really!

Nice to see that Konahamaru AND his friends grew up to be splendid ninjas in their own right. Udon had allergy troubles, but he made it work. Good for him. I don’t think he got a raw deal with the genin assigned to him. They can learn from each other, and maybe Udon can stop Iwabe to stop all those manly tears.

Byakuya Gang arc is over. That was getting tiresome, mostly because of the leader. “I tricked this kid into blindly following me! And now that I no longer need him, I’m cutting loose and not getting ANY comeuppance!! MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!! Say, what is that weird orange flash?” Cut to Naruto on the train tracks, all “Yara yara daze,” because he can’t believe that guy was so one-note.

Seriously, Naruto never got promoted to chunin? At all?!?

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A snot based technique. Makes me wonder what other delightful ninja abilities there are that are based on bodily fluids. Other than Kiba having Akamaru urinate everywhere, I mean:

"Fecal Cannon Jutsu!!!"

"Secret Technique: Acid Wave! Vomit Tsunami!"

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On 4/5/2019 at 11:39 PM, Lantern7 said:

I feel bad for Boruto, even though he's a brat. Everything Naruto did was on a path to become Hokage. I don't think having kids was in his original mission statement. Also, you figure an epic ninja war really distracted him from the full impact of Hinata confessing her love for him.

I just started binge watching Boruto on Hulu.  I love watching the further adventures of the Hidden Leaf gang.

I feel bad for Boruto as well.  Naruto married Hinata and had 2 children before becoming Hokage. I guess he didn't think that becoming Hokage would impact on his relationship with his son so much.  I have to wonder if he and Hinata actually sat down with Boruto and told him about how Naruto grew up? It seems so odd that he didn't try to temper Boruto's resentment of this job that he wanted ever since he was a child. Do the Uzamakis even talk to their son?  I also was a bit surprised that Boruto didn't ask his mother about his eye that he thought was a Byakugan.  I loved seeing Hiashi and Hanabi, but you have a Byakugan user right in your house.  I guess thy don't, since Boruto didn't know Hinata was the record holder at the ramen shop.

I guess that kind of runs through all the original gang and their children to a degree; Cho Cho had never seen her father at a slimmer physique at all since she was sick, to the point of thinking someone else was her father? Heh.

Sarada is the one who comes by the daddy angst honestly, since Sasuke is her father.  Why bother knocking Sakura up if you're not able to stick around to help raise your daughter? And why does she need glasses and look like Karin? (And why did Karin keep the umbilical cord? Yes, she helped Sakura give birth, but what an odd memento to keep.) I was amused at his answer to Sarada about whether he loved Sakura; "Obviously I did once since you exist." Heh.

Back to not working by finishing the season...

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Heads up: Boruto will be removed from the Toonami schedule after tonight’s episode. I’m not sure why. Maybe they couldn’t wait to start airing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. I’m sure it’ll return in the near future.

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Honestly, I wouldn't miss Boruto if it went away for good. The arc that focused on Sarada was excellent, but the rest of the episodes...meh.

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I wasn’t that into this show, but I shotgunned the last 20 eps since the holiday break, and it’s grown on me.  I’m over Boruto’s dad issues but I really like most of the other characters.

I found that “let’s defend Denki’s capitalist overlord” plot vaguely unsettling.  Next thing PETA will be the enemy. 

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