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S01.E10: Keep Calm and Harry On

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INNER STRENGTH —  The sisters turn to The Elders for advice about Harry (Rupert Evans).  Mel (Melonie Diaz), fed up with The Elders rules, turns to Jada (guest star Aleyse Shannon) for help without telling her sisters.  With a plan in place, they must face an unexpected threat which leads Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) to find a strength she didn’t know she had.  Meanwhile, Galvin (Ser’Darius Blain) shares some shocking news with Macy (Madeleine Mantock) that will change everything.  Nick Hargrove also stars. Vanessa Parise directed the episode written by Allyssa Lee (#110).  Original airdate 1/20/2019. 

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Overall it was an ok episode, first half wasnt that great but it picked up once Alistar confronted the sisters. Everything about Tartarus was just extremely corny. 

We finally got some Harry flashbacks, he has a son who almost died and maybe was a robber? Im not sure why Whitelighters have to have their memories taken once they take up the job? It doesnt make much sense. Elders are willing to just let Harry rot in hell? Who wants to work for these creeps? They only care about their fellow Elders. What are their redeeming qualities exactly?

Wish I could bring myself to care about Maggie crying over her boyfriend but I dont. Girl, your power is to read minds or feel their feelings, that is very easy to get around when you know to look out for it. Anytime those two get together or Parker shows up I cant help but be all


Macy/Galvin are just talking about witches/demons/whitelighters in public like its common knowledge to everyone lol. The OG did it plenty though I would think this is something they learn from. Looks like they've become the little dynamic duo and I guess they are a couple now? 

I laughed so hard when we have a demon that can tune into Tartarus through a tv, they definitely could've improved that. And now he just opens a door and throws Maggie in...this shouldnt be as funny as it is. Can Whitelighters not just zip tot he underworld? Everything about Tararus is just corny and funny.

Allistar revealing that he is known as "The Dark One" just made me laugh as well, it is such a non serious name. But this guy is so powerful I wonder why The Source doesnt have him do its bidding. He kind of just goes as he wants and does whatever. Though he is very enjoyable with his little showdown with TCO. 

The Charmed Ones are finally able to do something themselves and instead of The Power of 3 spell they have a blue shield thingy. Interesting. 

And we end on a reveal that Macy/Maggie share a father effectively making Mel the half sister lol. So much for my theory that Macys father is/was a demon/Source.

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There's still something about this show that refrains me from really liking it. I find it ok and I'm still watching, but I just get more annoyed at the weird story-telling. 

I appreciate them actually showing the Charmed Ones to be, well, the Charmed Ones. I liked the creation of the new spell. I liked seeing them actually use their magic more. Unfortunately, the disconnect is still with us not seeing them use the Book or practicing magic before needing it in an opportune time. The special effects are actually very well done, so no complaints with that for me. 

I loved seeing a bit of Harry's backstory. I loved seeing him and Maggie bond a bit in Tartarus. I'm not really into Charity and Harry since we're only on episode 10 and we're already getting love stories shoved in our faces, but that's a separate issue. 

Maggie's heartbreak over Parker is annoying once you consider the fact that Parker/Maggie only started dating a few weeks prior to her discovering him being a demon. So her whole freak-out about not trusting her powers and being so upset over Parker is too fast. Ditto to Mel suddenly being ok with Parker after two short scenes where he explained absolutely nothing and coughed for a bit. 

Um...what with the Macy/Maggie sharing a father and not Maggie/Mel? So their mother effectively jumped from one guy to the other and back to the first guy? LOL. I guess that does take the "Macy being half-demon" portion out of the equation altogether. I guess Mel could be the half-demon, which would be funny. But then what was up with Galvin's protection tattoo only being seen by Macy? It feels like this twist wasn't entirely planned out, but we'll see.

Macy/Galvin? Eh, I see them trying with the couple by inserting them into rom-com-esque scenes in this episode (including the talk about Macy being a witch as they're a foot away from other people) but I'm still unsure about how I feel about Galvin as a character.

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I am right there with the sisters on the whole "you guys are supposed to be the good guys?" reaction to them being alright with leaving Harry to rot in Hell. Glad to see that one thing has stayed the same from OG Charmed to new Charmed: The Elders are dicks. 

This did feel decently like an OG Charmed episode, and it really picked up near the end, especially when Allistar showed up to reveal himself and cackle and twirle his mustache for a bit. Him taunting the sisters was so petty, that I kind of loved it. I will take a bad guy with some personality over some guy in black waving his arms around (looking at you, OG Source!) any day of the week. It was also nice seeing the sisters actually do something special and Charmed One-ish, that makes them more than just like any other witches in this world. 

It was great seeing some of Harry's possible backstory (although, how much of what we saw was real is unclear) and how much the girls were working to save him, especially Mel, who looked like she was about to cut somebody when Charity said that the Elders wouldn't help them! No wonder she went off with the other witch ladies, I wouldn't blame her at all for allying with them. So far, the only evil they have done is not listen to the Elders (who are dicks) and shop WAY too much at Hot Topic. Like, hmmm, stick up their ass jerks who almost left their whitelighter/friend to be tortured forever, or the cool witches who wanted to help him? Oh, what a choice! I also liked seeing Harry and Maggie bond a bit in Hell, as she is probably the sister he has interacted with the least. And they made him his favorite tea when he got home, because nothing can stop Harry from being the most British man on the planet! Although, I am not into the Charity/Harry pairing. Nope, not into it at all. 

So Glavin now knows about the even big secret, Macy is...a virgin! Oh, and a witch too. I swear, did the writers watch this season of The Bachelor early or something, what is up with the weird virgin stuff on TV lately?! Galvin handled the secret pretty well, but I just cant get into them as a couple. He seems to go from "nice but boring" to "douchy but boring" and thats about all he has to offer. And he and Macy have zero chemistry.  

Speaking of no chemistry, all this drama and hair pulling by Maggie about Parker is so hilariously overblown. Yeah, finding out a guy you like is a demon trying to seduce you sucks, and I appreciate them trying to give her an arc, but I am not at all buying this star crossed thing with them. Its going WAY too fast to have any emotional depth, and Parker isnt a strong enough actor to make me buy his torment so quickly. 

1 hour ago, Primal Slayer said:

Allistar revealing that he is known as "The Dark One" just made me laugh as well, it is such a non serious name.

See, I just got terrible Once Upon a Time flashbacks when they said that. The sisters must prepare for the greatest evil they will ever face...and attack from the OUAT multiverse! Run everyone, run! SHE is coming!

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The episode was weak, boring rescue of Harry, borring Tartarus, non logical actions of Alastair in the end. Maggie gets into the camera next to the Harry`s one - cmon, it is ridiculous. I expected more. Only Harry, Alastair (not his actions), Jada nad Macy powers made me satisfied.Can`t say I liked this episode. 

I expected the will have to do really a lot to save Harry, but suddenly there is a demon in their town, who can open the Gates.....too easy. And Tartarus was boring, tortures by memories was borning, well it was usefull for us to find out about  Harry's past, but that is all. The visions of death of people, who you love, physical tortures would be good addition, but they were absent.

Galcin and Macy were cute, but only as friends, I see more brother sister bond, than romantic. So I felt awkward seeing them kissing. It was so unnatural, as brother-sister incest kiss.

And finally Macy used her powers more badass

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So it's MEL who's the half-sister?  That makes no sense.  Maggie looks a lot more like Mel than she does like Macy.  After first telling us before the show started that all three sisters had different fathers so they could explore different versions of witchcraft to making Mel the half makes me wonder if this is their version of trying to shock the viewers, the way revealing that "Melinda" had a penis was Classic Charmed's.  

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There's still something about this show that refrains me from really liking it. I find it ok and I'm still watching, but I just get more annoyed at the weird story-telling. 

For me it's the pacing. It's very sloppy and it's very rushed. I also think they are playing fast and loose with the "rules" of magic. Like how Maggie was applying this potion to her wrist then she as able to magick some kind of band-aid over it. Is that part of the spell or does she suddenly have the power to conjure things? I didn't get the "new" spell she came up with on the fly either.

It's not a bad show, exactly, but it's kind of a mess.

I might be able to warm up to Galvin now that he's in on the secret. I enjoyed his enthusiasm for how cool it all is. But I suspect he's marked for death now that he's in the know, much like Andy was in the OG.

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Didn't like this episode.

Also don't like the way the romances are going .... And this could have been such a good part of the show, if they had done it right (I guess right now the only interesting one for me is Niko:...)

Also too bad that they have left the Macy&Harry storyline so completely, that could have been interesting!

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Alright show. We're getting a little more palatable now.

Galvin, if we have to keep him, should just be the sidekick to the sisters. He could accept Macy's witchness but not her virginity. Yeah, okay. So stop this romantic storyline, show! They have no chemistry whatsoever.

The Elders are even more useless than the OG versions ever were.  Is that Charity's sister with the Sarcana? Plus I'm not liking Charity being paired with Harry.  Another chemistry-less couple who sucks the air out of the room when they are in a scene together.

Maggie's histrionics really bothers me.  I get she's immature and insecure, but this is getting to be too much. Either hate Parker or accept Parker! I am more interested in his backstory; how did his mother come to consort with a demon?

I can get with Jada and Mel hooking up. She is gorgeous and the Sarcana are far more interesting to me.  Since the Dark One is taking a hiatus and the Harbinger is back in Hell, can't we do a little more world building? I have so many questions!

So Macy and Maggie are actually full sisters and Mel is the half sister?  Can we now get some info on the 2 fathers? See, if I wrote this show, I would have left Marisol alive but with her witch powers stripped from her so she has to train her Charmed Daughters after bringing them together again.  Again, I have so many questions that Marisol could answer.  New Theory: Macy/Maggie's father is a Human/Demon hybrid (like Parker), Mel's father is a Warlock.

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I don't mind Galvin as long as he's not a romantic interest. His giddiness over Macy being a witch was cute, but whenever they kissed it felt awkward to watch. Not as bad as Harry and Charity, but still bad. Neither parties have romantic chemistry with one another. Friends, yes. More than that, nope.

Marisol seems messy. I wonder if we'll learn that Mel's father always felt like Maggie wasn't his and that's why he's a flake. But I guess this means that Macy and Maggie are both half demon and Mel isn't? Or maybe she's part darklighter or something. This might play into saving Parker though, since it Maggie is half demon her blood might provide a cure. That would be interesting to see.

Nico is back, but who is she investigating? Jada or Mel?

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On 21/01/2019 at 12:46 PM, Esmeralda said:

So it's MEL who's the half-sister?  That makes no sense.  Maggie looks a lot more like Mel than she does like Macy.  After first telling us before the show started that all three sisters had different fathers so they could explore different versions of witchcraft to making Mel the half makes me wonder if this is their version of trying to shock the viewers, the way revealing that "Melinda" had a penis was Classic Charmed's.  

What? Neither of those things are "shocking". 

I am enjoying the show much more than I expected and, although they will never recapture the chemistry the originals had with each other which was one of a kind, it does seem to be finding that "Charmed" way of being fun. 

Although, I would say it is overcomplicating itself with its twists and turns and "reveals" and who is working for who etc. 

Also, some of the effects in this show make even some 1998 episodes of the original look like blockbusters. 

Ok, it's a cheap show, but it's 2019 are we not at the stage where even basic cheap effects aren't THAT level bad. They have to be doing it on purpose. 

The scene earlier in the season with the Kappa girl jumping off the roof made me laugh out loud because of the terrible green screen. I had a flashback to a similar moment in Murphy's Luck. 

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Oh god all my shows are taking a turn for the worse.

  • The special effects!!! of Tartarus were a joke.
  • Charity and Harry was a disappointing swerve.
  • Macy and Galvin -- ugh, will they never learn about this character? It's not funny that he's okay with Macy being a witch but not if she's a virgin - aka not DTF at all times. That is not the definition of a "joke" or a "funny beat." 
  • Parker still doesn't modulate either his voice or his expression. Hunter was more interesting, and played by a better actor.
  • Parker's dialogue is even worse.
  • Maggie the empath deliberately dampening her feelings was so freaking dumb. Almost as dumb as loving Parker after two weeks of dating.

Hanging by a thread...

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That was so tedious to watch. It felt like being in Tartarus. 

Its just so boring and has none of the spark or charm of the original series. 


Why is Macy so underdeveloped using her powers? Like why would you TK some keys at a demon. Ugh. Seems like this show is shying away from practical effects which is part of the reason I think the original holds up so well. It had a good mix of both. 

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This episode was alright but not great. 

I expected Tartarus to be much harder to reach, not some basement with a trap door.  It made the cliffhanger into an inconvenience.  

I guess the main problem for me is I find it hard to care about most of the subplots.  I like Harry but his flashbacks didn't interest me, and neither does his new love interest.  I find Mel's love interest annoying and I couldn't care less about the Sarcophagus or whatever it's called.  It was hard to sympathesize with Maggie sitting around not helping and taking away her pain.  I don't like the whole DNA development either.

I can't believe Galvin thinking Macy's powers were cool turned out to be the funner scene in this one.  

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Maggie is such an idiot. She knows the guy a few weeks. That and the fact that Parker is dull and played by a brutal actor is even more eye rolling. 

Also Maggies whiny voice everytime she talks about her problems makes me dislike her more with each scene.

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