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2019 DCC Audition Speculation

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On 5/12/2019 at 12:52 AM, DCCme said:

There will also be the 27 different ways we will not so subtly be told that there was no favoritism (for a refresher or a drinking game they will sound like: she did it one her own merit, proved to the judges, everyone loved her routine, flawless, best legs, that girl was clearly in her space and it wasn’t at all VK being out of control, etc.).

Also the "legacies have it tougher because ... " line. Jay mentioned at one of the judging sessions last year about Victoria being heavy and said he expects the highest standards of legacy cheerleaders, since they HAVE lived with it all their lives and they know, better than anyone, the standards. 

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45 minutes ago, Cruisegirl said:

She looks to be sucking it in. Let’s hope she can maintain it and didn’t just crash diet like some others during the calendar shoot 

How can you tell?  That picture ( w/ lit up sign) is so dark.

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14 hours ago, BringItOn said:

Sad that girls from Dallas have nothing else to do. LMAO!

Maybe she means that Dallas doesn't have the kind of professional dance and performance opportunities that the coasts do?

55 minutes ago, Cruisegirl said:

Definitely not 500 girls. A picture doesn’t lie 

Wow! That is DEFINITELY down from years past! But the prospect of there only being seven open positions (barring any veterans not invited back to TC or being cut during TC) kept many of the marginal dancers away? I wonder how much of an effect the prospect of being on DCC: MTT has had on audition attendance?

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17 hours ago, KatieC said:

Has she actually said that on the show?  I’ve seen this said about Kelli over and over and am just curious as to the source. 

Kelli has mentioned this to various girls during uniform fittings. Vivian was one that stands out (the first season Vivian tried out) but there have been others. "Our girls your height are xxx pounds ..." I think Liz Reuter (not sure of the first season she tried out) was another she mentioned the height/weight comparison to.

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