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I really enjoyed the Charlaine Harris books upon which this series was based. But I could not make it more than 15 minutes into the pilot episode before bailing on the show. I read the various synopses of each episode in the series and damn, it looks like they kept the main characters from the book but changed them up so much and threw in random plot devices to the point where it feels unrecognizable. I understand when a show has to depart from the source material to amp up the drama and so forth. But this just seemed like throwing plot twists against the wall in a desperate hope that something would stick. One sticking point I couldn't get past was the casting of Manfred. In the books, he has a slight build and multiple piercings and tattoos. He has the piercings and so forth as part of his working persona; they're on his body to make him look extraordinary, so that his clients feel that yes, he is different and is a real psychic. Nothing against the actor chosen for the show, but he looks  perfectly interchangeable with any other main character; reasonably attractive but there's nothing about his appearance that demands attention. 

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