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Married At First Sight: Second Chances

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Wow this thread is a ghost town hahaha. Maybe I can help to jump start it?

My 2 female choices for those that I would like to see get a 2nd chance show is:

1) Jaclyn Methuen from season 2

and just a total coincidence lol the 2nd one is

2) Jaclyn Schwartzberg from season 6

I think it would be nice to see them both get another chance at love. 

For the fellas, my 2 choices for them are 

1) Neil Bowlus from season 3


2) Cody Knapek from season 5

I doubt that any more future second chances seasons are in the works as it seems that it didnt do so well in the ratings area but u just never know lol

Those are choices, anyone else want to chime in and post yours? 

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I can’t remember names but Cindi? The ice skater and Henry. But if the producers don’t try for better matches, I wouldn’t want to see them go through it again. Had Jon not married the sex therapist, he would have been my first choice.  

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