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S07.02: Top of the Class

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10 minutes ago, MakingBacon said:

I feel like some of them seem to think every challenge is just a toned down avant-garde challenge. I wonder if they are allowed to ask questions to clarified challenges. 

I bet that's because these designers came into the competition with a bunch of outfits already planned out in their mind and just tailor it slightly to the challenge parameters. The vast majority of the outfits are probably fancy party dresses.

Anya is clearly the exception since all hers are stapled together beachwear. The show is wayyy overdue for a menswear challenge IMO.

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19 hours ago, Audpaud said:

Here's to hoping BRAVO brings some integrity back to this show! I'm also hoping for more than 1 day challenges.

From your lips (or fingertips as it were) to The Magical Elves ears!

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On 1/10/2019 at 3:41 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Django's burgundy and gold dress was hideous. The red fabric just looked tacked on top of a poorly made and ill fitting gold dress. I have no idea how that wasn't in the bottom.


I have no idea how they didn't just yank the model off the runway and auf him IMMEDIATELY. That was truly, truly awful. In fact, I think that was one of the most hideous things I've ever seen sent down the PR runway. Ever. EV-ER. Seriously, how was that monstrosity not in the bottom?

Evan's was my favorite.

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Until I read some of the comments here I didn't realize that Anya and Anthony broke the rules just as much (if not more) than Sunny.  It's so frustrating to me that just because the judges know/like someone they give them more leeway.  Sunny's was unique and beautiful while Anya's would only work if the graduation party was a pool/beach party and Anthony's would work if someone graduated from cheerleading camp (I kid, I kid, kind of...).  I earned my doctorate three years ago and, at my party, everyone wore appropriate clothes (no nip slips, etc.).  As a high school teacher, I can testify that all of the students wear appropriate clothing under their robes and then wear those same outfits to their family celebrations.  I have never seen either a high school graduate nor a college graduate wear ANYTHING like Irina's... 

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I just caught up watching.

I still dislike Anne and her critiques as much as I ever did.  Did she really have the nerve to call one designer's garment tacky??  Anne, get thee to a mirror.

Dmitry is comedy gold.  Seriously.  If they ever cast he and Anthony Williams in a season together, my heart couldn't take it.

My favorite garments were Seth Aaron's and the Canadian designer who had the swoopy panels on his dress.  Fabulous!!

I really thought I was being punked with the Top choices this week.  Sean's sad purple tassels were ridiculous and Anthony Ryan's "winning" design looked like a kid in Home-Ec class made a bad Knick-City dancer costume.  And the shoes were dreck.  AND his models hair looked like she pulled it up to wash her face.  I can't with this judging if this is what we're getting this season.

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So Sunny was let go and ridiculousness stays 

are you kidding me right now????!

Sunny can design and create circles around all of them with one hand tied behind his back 

in my opinion he met the challenge 

get a grip you ridiculous idiots

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On 1/10/2019 at 12:30 PM, Gloriosa said:

I think some of those truly unfortunate color combinations could have worked better with a color-blocked dress.  There was way too much lace on that runway.

I was shocked no one made a colorblock dress.  That was the obvious way to design for two contrasting colors, imo, and can be done with a totally cool, mod 1960's vibe.  Or really can be translated into any decade, depending how it's done.  Colorblock is just a great way to incorporate a pop of contrasting color.

And although I didn't care for the Australian designer's red/navy dress, I really wish she spoke up and explained graduation is NOT a summer event down under.

I cannot get over the fact Irina wasn't eliminated for that monstrosity.  Nina would have declared it an issue of taste level.  I seem to recall when Irina won her season, her collection had a ton of t-shirts with graphic designs.  She really should have never been called back to All Stars.  This ice blue number is proof she really doesn't deserve to be here.

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Great, another episode where I'm certain the judges were smoking crack before the runway show.  And... another season where they clearly have picked out a winner right from the start, Anthony Ryan.  It's also clear that they are going to have an American winner.  There's no way anyone else has a chance.

Anthony Ryan - that was one of the worst outfits I've ever seen.  He had no choice over colours, it seems, but had total control over design and the type of material.  That thing he created was awful.  No young person would wear that anywhere.  Ever.

Sonny - you idiot!!  For the want of a blue sash, you were sent home.  Stupid.

Irina - how did she (or Anya or Anthony Ryan, for that matter) manage to win her season???  She has an appallingly low taste level and I don't recall it being any better in her season.  I didn't even remember that she won her season.  I just remember her as being tacky and low rent.  Slutty Elsa from Frozen is a gross look.  I felt so bad for her model.  She should have gone home.  There should have been a double elimination.  There's no forgiving that dress.

Seth Aaron - I wish that he had gone with his first dress.  It was so much better than the over-sized ugly lace smock that he sent down the runway instead.

So many of these dresses were just awful and I couldn't see many of them being worn by young people to a graduation party.

Jasper annoyed me this episode.  His little woe-is-me story about being born in the Philippines but then getting an amazing opportunity to be seemingly plucked from poverty to go to fashion school in London is just BS.  He grew up in Canada, apparently quite well off.  He annoys the crap out of me.

This season isn't making Project Runway look very good.  Seven contestant and many of them are really bad - Michelle, Anthony Ryan, Irina, tassel dude whose name I can't remember, Anya.  They're just not good and they make the American version of the show seem terrible to produce such 'winners'.  Not that many of the foreign winners are really doing it for me either.  I think the only two that I actually like are Evan and Sonny and Sonny is now gone.  That leaves Evan for me to root for and maybe Seth Aaron.  I've liked Seth Aaron's designs in the past, but he hasn't shined so far this season.

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On 1/18/2019 at 8:17 AM, Brookside said:
On 1/14/2019 at 3:05 PM, seacliffsal said:

Anya's would only work if the graduation party was a pool/beach party

Welcome to Anya's world of no seams, no sewing, no imagination, no talent.

This is how I felt about Anya in her original season and since, it’s the same flowy dress that requires little sewing over and over again. Guess this new batch of judges are tied of Miss One Note.

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On 1/9/2019 at 10:04 PM, leocadia said:

Dimitri can’t be blamed for the McDonald’s coloring he chose, but the silhouette was right out of the ‘80s.

Actually, he can be blamed - he won the last the challenge and was allowed to choose his own colors and then hand out colors to the other designers.

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