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An eight part documentary produced by Ken Burns, it will be airing this fall on PBS. There's no official air date (s) listed yet beyond that, but once there is I'll certainly post it here.

He's worked on this for the last six or so years, so I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing how this turns out, especially in terms of how (or frankly, if) they will discuss the infamous "bro country" movement, the lack of women on the radio this past decade, and the more "underground" scene that has developed as a counterpoint to the mainstream.

And, as always, for those of you who are fans, please join me in the Country Music, Y'all! thread over in the Music forum. I can always use more friends over there!

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We have some air dates, y'all! Well, close to it, at least.

This will be on PBS across eight different nights, spanning between this September 15-25th.

Unfortunately (well, for me, at least), according to this article in Variety, in order to keep from running long, it will cut off its time span during the mid-1990's/Garth Brooks' superstardom, which leaves a LOT from the two decades following it out. That's disappointing to me, to say the least, but it IS sixteen and a half hours long, so there will be plenty else to see.


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