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7 hours ago, supposebly said:

I don't understand why they are doing this. It had such a nice ending.

As much as I love me some Timothy Olyphant and will watch him in anything (including Hitman), I think they stuck the landing with the series and should have left it alone.  They can't top that and there's no believable scenario to get Boyd to Miami, so they've lost a big part of what made the series so great.

I'll watch it, but I'm not holding my breath for it to be excellent.

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My husband and I pull that clip up every few months.  In a show full of awesome, memorable scenes, that one is probably my favorite.  "...got a job in law enforcement, not once but twice, spends 3 days driving around with you while you were looking for him, and now has run off with a hooker half his age." Badass shit, indeed!  And you are right, Nick Searcy nails it!

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2 hours ago, cleo said:

Has anyone seen a release date yet? 

It will air on FX on July 18 but premiere at a TV festival on June 1 from what I'm seeing. 

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