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Finally got to this show again, two episodes in so far.  I just love how they can drop in a new villian (a whole family of villians even) that in reality, we would have known about long before season 6.  

In some respects, I really feel for Claire.  She appears to have absolutely no one that she can completely rely upon, that totally has her back.  But she obviously learned at a young age that she can't really trust and rely on anyone, so she kept everyone at arms length.  Frank probably was the closest thing she had to a real best friend.

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So Cathy faked her own death?  Finally a good foil for all the evil doers, which includes Claire, even though she's better than the more evil Shepherds.

Claire has to "appear dumb" in front of Mark, Grayson, and just about everyone, but behind their backs, she makes a deal with the Russians that includes them taking the blame for Tom Yates' death, so she can get out from under Mark/Shepherds thumbs?  Are they still going to believe she's dumb then?

I still can't see anyone that Claire really trusts, there's all this scheming and plotting by everyone that you can't tell who's on who's side.

I kept trying to figure out where they were.  It looked like the oval office in one scene, but then the rest of the rooms didn't really look like the white house.

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So Annette's son is adopted?  that's a big deal?  Or is there something else as to who is his parents really are?

Claire had an abortion at 16 weeks.  Again, that's a big deal?  Most states allow that without any issue whatsoever.  Not like a fetus is in any way viable at that point.  Yeah, yeah, "christian" conservatives believe any abortion is bad.

I do love the all female cabinet.  Of course, they are all just 'acting' at the moment, until they go through the Senate vetting process. 

I know that the president has some measure of control over whether removed from office under the 25th (which is why its really only been used when the president is completely incapacitated, not just depressed).  I believe I heard somewhere recently that the Congress would have to vote on the removal if the president "vetos" the letter, something like 2/3.  I guess that once Claire got off the sofa and got her new cabinet, at least enough members of Congress (mostly female I'd suspect) would no longer be willing to remove her from office.

And she set up this whole removal thing to further discredit Mark and eventually remove him from office, at least I presume that's coming.  I love that she got the Russians to not contest the claim that they killed Yates and were back-door dealing with Mark.

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A very underwhelming ending.  Lots of questions never answered, and loose strings (depsite Claire's obvious attempt to cut them all).

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Season 6 it's just plain stupid. How did Claire get pregnant did the ghost of Frank come and give her a visit. And the last shot of her in the Oval office with Doug's dead body is crazy as if she couldn't have called for the guards outside the door. And I love how on TV people survive wounds that would kill anybody else yet instantly die from wounds that would not be a major injury in real life. it's not as if she stabbed him in the heart so I don't get how he managed to die so quickly. I'm glad the show is over as I don't see how they could have made it more asinine.

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