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I always noticed how patient and kind he was with the Hoarders and from the comments on the funeral site, he was that way with everyone.

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Beverly the VCR tape lady is on YT now. Jeez louise how did I miss this? 

ETA:  Dr. Pfeffer RIP. 

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Hmm interesting. I wonder if A&E will pick it up for the US. Though I'll probably have to see if my package gets that channel. 

I'm surprised they are going for a specific Canadian format; then again I don't think we've had any A&E Hoarders from up here. 


The TLC show had a few Canadian hoarders, including the traumatized principal in the Toronto area, the lead singer of a band from the 80's, and someone else from out in Alberta. 

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29 minutes ago, Taeolas said:

a few Canadian hoarders,

Didn't Dr.Zaz deal with a young-ish woman who had a smothering accumulation, there was a lot of snow on the ground, a cute dog (spaniel type), and one of my favorite talks of all time:

Dr. Z: Do you use this (two piece velveteen) jogging suit?

Hoarder: Oh, yes, I wear it when I go jogging. (smile)

Dr.Z: (nod, nod, wink, wink, saynomoresaynomore grin): Yeah, lots of jogging.

And they both laughed..



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I think that was Beverly, who had the little dog living with her, and there was a really cute inspector in the episode.   She was on Hoarding Buried Alive, and died at 43 (I think 43, it was before age 50 at least)

 I remember the principal who quit after the threats, but I don't know which show he was on.  

I definitely remember the rock star, who really was famous, and I think died after the show aired.   His daughter had been kidnapped and presumed killed in Japan.  

Hoarding Buried Alive had three Canada episodes, but not Hoarders, unless I missed the location, which is entirely possible. 

I wonder if A&E will pick up the Canada episodes?  

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Yeah I'm pretty sure all 3 of those cases were Hoarding: Buried Alive cases. I suspect the production company had a team in Canada for one season and did them in a batch since they usually show up together in the repeats. 

I can't remember the details but I think there's a 4th Toronto ep as well, because it's usually paired with a story from Ohio I think. Rather forgettable otherwise.


But yeah, the A&E Hoarders I don't think has ever gone to Canada. Hawaii and Alaska, but never Canada. (Nor Puerto Rico now that I think of it; I'm surprised they haven't tried to recruit a story from there)

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