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On 9/18/2020 at 1:16 AM, mamadrama said:

I can't just have people come in and clean everything out. In addition to hoarding her own stuff, she has been known to steal mine. Amongst other things, somewhere in that mess are photo albums that contain the only pictures of my dead kid. I only got 5 scanned and uploaded before she took them. She's also been known to hoard cash. There's at least $75,000 socked away in there. Maybe more. So far in cleaning out what she's let us we've found $10,000 stuffed in various boxes. 

Mom's opened units in other people's names and there are at least 2 in other counties. It gets complicated. 

My grandmother had Alzheimers and liked to cash her social security check and sock away money all around the house. We found a couple hundred under the kitchen sink and at least a $20 in the pocket of every shirt/skirt/pair of pants in her closet. 

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On 9/20/2020 at 4:05 PM, Twiz44 said:

I had a little part-time gig at a local storage facility. From my experience the easiest way to get rid of your stuff is to stop paying. When you’re late, your unit will be “over-locked” and your gate code won’t work and you won’t have access onto the property. There are several subsequent steps taken until a notice is published in the newspaper that the contents of your unit will be put up for auction (which is nothing like you see on Storage Wars). In the case of a death, or if someone has a medical condition requiring a guardian or Power of Attorney, you have to provide all the legal documents to gain access to the unit. So, if you just want to unload junk, stop paying the rent.

Great idea for families. just don't let the bills go to the hoarder.

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On 9/14/2020 at 7:50 PM, PaulaO said:

Watching John on tonight’s episode.  His girlfriend of 15 years has never been in his house.  I’d rather die alone than have a “relationship” with a toothless hoarder.

I dated a really great guy, about 3 mos. in, still excuses for my not seeing His house...   At the same time, I'm seeing a little pile of flotsam accumulating in My Garage.  "Can you believe somebody tossed/lost this!!?  I'll just put it here for now".  😱

His next move that was SO hoarder - He stopped by one day while I was Fall cleaning the garage.  Moving lumber to a nice stack, tossing paint cans, putting tools back in their spot, wiping workbenches, sweeping....he kindly offers to "help" and then sits down with a plastic organizer box that has 18-20 drawers and starts picking through every little bolt, washer and screw.😱

You don't have to beat me with the red flags!  I broke up within days - I couldn't get Hoarders out of my head🤣  Who says A&E/trash reality TeeVee isn't educational????

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