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Surviving R. Kelly

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10 hours ago, Queena said:

So much misinformation. I know a few people, in particular the earlier victims that weren't mentioned. 

I'm sure that mandated reporting wasn't a thing in 90-92 when he was trolling Kenwood. Did she and the other staff know? Of course, the music room would fill up when he came to the school. 

Sparkle's niece is very close to Kelly's family and even him. She still comes around him. 

There's no way that I would take my child to a R. Kelly concert or sign a guardianship letter so that someone in his camp can watch her. Especially in exchange for money. Both the Clarys and Savages did. When the daughters were trying to set up a meeting Avenatti told them not to because it puts public opinion on their side and makes Kelly look bad. Is he sick yes. Is he guilty hell yeah, I know that 100% certainty. However, at least one of the girls was an adult. An adult who Kelly flew out to see their daughter often. She cut off contact after they grilled her on video about her and his sex life. 

Sadly, I think that Avenatti has tainted this case. Hopefully it can be savaged, because while I don't think that he's held anyone hostage (there are videos with some of those ladies and parents talking about how they were lying but Lifetime couldn't cut it out because of cost) he deserves jail for Aaliyah and someone I knew. 

Can you tell me about what was missinformation? Was it something I said in my yearlier post? I have been reading because it disturbed me so if you can clarify that I would be so thankfull =). I really want to know what it's missinformation about what I read and have been told by the docuseries. 

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